Light of the World

This is great news! Xian was an engineering student at Carnegie-Mellon University when he did his internship with us in East Timor in 2003. He attributed his life’s calling to serve the poor, particularly through solar lighting, to that summer when he witnessed the severe burns on a small child’s face when a kerosene lantern caused a fire. #Internships #makeadifference #

Xianyi’s celebratory report:

“It’s one thing to set a crazy goal that seemed impossible to hit for many years. Then to realize that upon hitting that audacious target, that d.light is really just scratching the surface of what can be done to fundamentally change the world approaches energy.”

“Incredibly proud of the team that has worked steadfastly over the years to make this a reality. Incredibly thankful to The Lord who has provided for us and fought our battles at every turn. It’s no exaggeration to say that without His intervention there is no d.light today. It’s amazing we get to co-work with Him to make this dream a reality.”


“We set the goal of impacting 100 million lives by 2020 shortly after establishing d.light back in 2007. When we set the goal post, we had no idea how we were going to get there, so we are thrilled to be achieving this ambitious target right on schedule! Thanks to advances in solar technology, customers in developing countries are now able to leapfrog the grid entirely by relying on renewables from day one. Our next goal will be to impact a billion lives by 2030 through sustainable products.”

“What we are celebrating is really a quadruple win: a win for the climate through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions; a win for our customers, many of whom have access to clean, affordable energy for the first time in their lives; a win for our employees in developing countries who can depend on good, clean jobs; and a win for investors who are able to put their money where their values lie and still turn a profit.”

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