Day Four: Home

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Today’s thought is about being Home.. 

No one after lighting a lamp puts it under the bushel basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all in the house.

Matthew 5:15 NRSV

It’s time to re-think home. I have lived in 8 States in the US and in India for several months. I’ve lived in 36 houses that we made homes. The longest period of time I have lived anywhere is 13 years, and that was in Madison, WI while Mary and I raised our children. Even then, I traveled extensively and our family spent about a year living in Asia. I have traveled and spent time with families, friends, and colleagues in their homes in over 40 countries. 

Among all those places I have called home, there is one that marked my life more than any other. It was while I lived with my pastor’s family. George & Carol Isley welcomed me to live in their home shortly after I came to faith in Christ. I was a college graduate and a young executive working in Upstate NY. George was more than my pastor; he was my spiritual father. I learned how to live life by watching George and Carol. Their home was open to missionaries, friends, and problem teens. I was no longer a teen, but I had my share of problems. 

Whenever I had anything exciting to share at the end of the day, George made sure I waited until we were all together at the dinner table. George spent time with me, listening to my story. He didn’t give advice. He questioned how I came to a conclusion about something. One of his most probing questions to me was when I was determined to quit my job and go into ministry. I didn’t have a plan; I was just frustrated with my work and my life. Due to work, I was completely exhausted with very little sleep for over a month. During our weekly time together, I declared “I am going into the ministry.” He looked at me with his kind and gentle eyes and asked, “Did God say it was time for you to quit your job?” I was so exhausted that I began to weep. He sat next to me and put his arm around me. My tears started falling on his shoulder. And then I heard George begin to weep too. 

My thought for today is this, we are made for relationships. Home is where our relationships are deepest. This coronovirus quarantine is an opportunity to go deeper in love with the Father, and to go deeper in love with your family and the people God has put into your home in this season. 


Did you know that your home is a crucial and important place for the work of the kingdom of God?

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