Day Seven: Reset

For this extended 30 days of quarantine in April, I’m doing Thirty Thoughts for you. Here’s Day Seven: Reset

I can’t honestly say I have heard a word the Lord about the word RESET.

However, it is clear we have an opportunity and God is sovereignly doing a reset. Have you ever had your computer or your smart phone freeze up. When it does, they instruct you to restart, or in some cases, RESET. When you do a ‘hard reset’, you clear out your custom settings and go back to factory settings. That’s kind of like what is happening. We are being reset to our factory settings. God’s settings for all of creation, every human being, every family, every community, every business, and every place of worship, God’s settings are by default RIGHT RELATIONSHIP. 

Every area of society, every government, every manufacturer, every nonprofit, and every church, is going through a HARD RESET. And for those of us who believe God has called us to steward the environment, we also see a reset of the earth, it’s getting rest, the air and the water is getting cleaner by the day during this period of quarantine. That’s all a good thing. 

Yes, there is devastation in many families who have lost loved ones, and many are sick right now. They need our prayers. The medical community needs equipment, and we need to develop a vaccine to stop this killer from coming back. And I believe we will. 

One of our YWAM leaders in the United Kingdom, Lynn Green, passed along a prophetic word for our discernment. Here’s a portion: “There is a total REALIGNMENT of PRIORITIES and POWER taking place. The exalted are being brought low and the humble are being exalted. Everything we have taken for granted is receiving proper value. Many of the things we thought were important are now being seen as insignificant. The Lord is REFINING and SIFTING His BRIDE, the Church. Personalities and platforms which relied on crowds and human charisma will struggle in this season. Many won’t make it through. Authentic Spirit-filled communities will flourish in these days as the committed care for one another as in the early church.”

So, today’s word is RESET

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