Day Eight: Prepare

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Then came the day of Unleavened Bread on which the Passover lamb had to be sacrificed. Jesus sent Peter and John, saying, “Go and make preparations for us to eat the Passover.” Luke 22: 7-8 We received some tulips in a box in the mail yesterday. One of Mary’s niece’s had the forethought to order those nice flowers and have them mailed to us to make this Holy Week a little cheerier for us. We typically have lots of preparations to do for Easter. Our kids have grown, but we would still get involved in the celebrations of young families with children. The baskets of candies. Dying colored eggs and neighborhood Easter egg hunts. But most important was the preparation of a special Easter meal together with family and friends, most often international students with no place to go.

All that seems like a different world to us this year. We are not going to get celebrate at a Resurrection Sunday service this year. In this post, I talk about how Jesus prepared for this day. And he made an important statement about that gathering around that simple meal. He said, “Do this in remembrance of me.” Amid all the preparations for celebrations, we should enjoy simple gatherings and in the daily activities of things as simple and routine as eating we should remember Jesus.


How are you celebrating Easter differently this year? What preparations are you making?

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