Day 16 Villanova University – #PraytheCampus

This Augustinian learning community carries an ancient curricula that transformed Western world and gave birth to all universities.

Day 16 Villanova University – #PraytheCampus

Day 16 Villanova University

Day 16 Villanova University.

Villanova a an Augustinian learning community.

Vishal Mangawadi, Indian philosopher and friend, writes, “St. Augustine’s (AD 354 – 430) curriculum educated all of Europe for a thousand years. He was a bishop in Africa, in the ancient city of Hippo, which is modern Annaba in Algeria. The core of his educational curriculum was the Bible. However, one cannot read the Bible without knowing language, grammar and logic. One cannot understand it without a knowledge of history, anthropology, agriculture, economics, law, sociology, science etc. . . Therefore, St. Augustine’s curriculum offered a broad spectrum of knowledge to help students gain that knowledge which is the key to the eternal/abundant life. For example, St. Augustine wrote six books on Music . . . that made the West a musical civilization. The sixth book is a biblical philosophy of music that uses music to explain life’s meaning and purpose.”

Augustine famously wrote, “Our hearts are restless until they find their rest in Thee.” His Bible-based curriculum was not perfect, but it made the West, Mangalwadi writes, “a uniquely thinking civilization. It cultivated the western mind and applied thought to everything.”

This day of prayer at Villanova is about the cross, the juncture of special grace and common grace, integrity and sacrifice. You can see this essential message of the cross, and how we are to live as followers of Christ, in Paul’s letter to the Philippians ch2.

All through May we are posting prayer visits to college campuses. Join the campaign. Pray on the campus near you, no matter where you are. #PraytheCampus

Day 16 Villanova University
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