academic credit


Successful completion of the Converge Course includes satisfactory completion of the Pre-Departure Orientation and the Final Project Report. 


Our partnership with hosts and their organizations, students and mentors in their church communities, and donors engaged in the projects and the people they care about produces a context for lifelong learning. There is no better way to learn about a culture or your unique contribution and life’s work than by living among a people and serving the needs of a community. This is what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ, going into all the world as his witnesses.


It is expected that a student spend a minimum of 24 total contact hours reading, writing, and interviewing the Mentor and/or Field personnel for each credit awarded (this does not include research time). 

Successful completion of the Converge Course includes completion of the Pre-Departure Lessons & Responses, Host & Mentor Interviews, and the Field Assignment.

obtaining a transcript

Participants will be awarded a grade evaluation upon completion. A transcript can be issued to your college or university upon receipt of your signed transcript request form and transcript fee. (Go to for details.)

transferring credit

Understanding transfer of credit is not to be assumed, it is strongly advised that you contact your faculty advisor to inquire about credit transfer or seeking credit BEFORE you participate with Converge. Most colleges and universities will grant students “independent study credit” for research and experience related to a field of study.

The most common method of obtaining independent study credit is by contracting for credit transfer in advance to meet certain criteria. You must first put together a short proposal including details of the Converge Project and what you are planning to do during your internship. Then submit your proposal to the faculty advisor so they may assess how many credits your institution is willing to grant. If your faculty advisor has questions, or requires a formal letter from our office, please contact us.

The proposal should include:

- A description of the Field Project, the personnel, the community you will serve, the need, and what you propose to research/accomplish while on the field.
- A description of the overall Converge training experience, including details listed in the Start Here module, and
The duration of the time your plan to spend on the field.

(Please note: You may contact us for additional information, but the proposal must be written yourself.)