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At Converge, we believe everyone has a calling, following the crowd will not bring transformation, and a personalized missions project is the best way to discover your purpose.

We connect students who are ready to go into ALL the world, including EVERY area of influence. (Mt. 28:18-20) We are dedicated to the spiritual formation of individuals and the transformation of nations.  We created Converge internships to develop missions-minded leaders for every sphere of influence.  We develop curriculum and resources, conduct retreats/short-courses, and communications for Converge.

YWAM Converge is developing a team of UofN internship coordinators, who will serve as members of an international roundtable for the purpose of overseeing, managing, and improving the Converge program.

YWAM and the UofN

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Converge is an office of the Student Mobilization Centre of the University of the Nations. University of the Nations is an international training institution with 600 locations on all continents and in 160 nations.

YWAM is a global movement of people from many Christian traditions. YWAM focuses on Evangelism (because every person has a right to hear the message of Jesus), Training (to prepare people to fulfill their unique calling from God), and Mercy Ministries (helping the poor and those who suffer injustice).

YWAM has 1700 YWAM centers globally, including 750 training centers. 45 of these centers train 65% of DTS students. YWAM has sent outreaches to 197 nations, and with training in 93 different languages!

Click here for YWAM’s Statement of Beliefs and Values.

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Converge operates as an alliance network

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This YWAM network is operating as an alliance and developing a partnership paradigm connected by international staff and coordinators who oversee strategic initiatives into influential areas, such as the arts, education, business, etc.

Partnership is something we long for but often have a difficult time defining. Churches and organizations are seeking to partner with the global community in ever increasing degrees, yet partnership is often a broad elusive term that can be defined very differently depending on the context. YWAM Converge is about Partnerships and Networks within and outside YWAM, including leaders of missional organizations, students, and members of their communities. Every Converge student and his/her mentor and donor community is in a micro-partnership with the host and their missional organization. And YWAM Converge’s association of hosts from missional organizations will be connected to one of Converge’s Staff.

John & Mary Henry

John and Mary

We are the directors of YWAM Converge. We have coordinated over 80 internship teams, trained missionaries in over 30 countries, and personally led teams in 16 countries.  We founded YWAM’s Student Mobilization Centre of the University of the Nations in 1997 and we started YWAM Converge in 2013.  We have three grown children, all of whom have completed a Discipleship Training School in YWAM.

John & Monica Hwang

John&Monica Hwang 350w

John is International Director for the UofN Student Mobilization Centre. The International Director is responsible for all aspects of a Centre's operations worldwide including spiritual leadership, academic affairs, strategic planning, reliable administration, effective outreach and accountability of all personnel and resources.

converge staff network


The Converge staff network includes full time YWAM staff with the Converge Office as well as Associate Staff with other YWAM Campuses and UofN Colleges. Several of our people are volunteers in the areas of technology, media, and marketing. We welcome new YWAM Converge Staff, UofN Internship Coordinators, and Volunteers. Reach out if you are interested in joining this exciting international missions mobilization network. 

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