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With Converge, you can host a university discipleship course, lead an outreach, or create your Internship Program for your ministry or organization.

Register to Host the Converge University Discipleship Course and we’ll help coach you through the process. When you do, your group will be invited to use our exclusive Student Centre App to coordinate the outreach.


Use App for Outreach

This App will help you coordinate the outreach. Use the YWAM Student Centre App to trigger emails and instructions to applicants. Those you approve will receive a welcome message and an invitation to create their own landing page for fundraising. You can easily schedule meetings and send messages to the team. You can direct messages to individuals or send team messages as necessary. You can book discounted group flights and travel insurance, and you get immediate notifications in the app for flight changes. The YWAM Student Centre App will save you 80+ hours on administrative tasks.

Creating an Internship is Easy

You can create and host interns as they follow step-by-step guide in the Converge Missional Internships Course to complete a personalized missions project for your organization.

Before you register, let’s clarify roles. We invite you to start an Internship Program with your organization. You begin by registering your organization. When you do, you will need the name of one of your organization leaders, if not you, who will be the official Host for Converge Interns. Hosts must be onsite as a supervisor of the Interns.  You will need a YWAM Reference. 

With CONVERGE, you can focus more on JESUS and your ministry. 

Step One - Register Your Ministry or Organization

Register as a Partner Organization for free. You will need to include the name of a YWAM staff person who can give you a good reference. Click here to register and be sure to include the name of your Internship, the proposed dates, and a brief description of the internship for applicants. We will send you an invitation to log in as administrator of your internship.

Step Two - Design Your Internship Program

When you register, we do the initial setup of your Internship Program and send you an invitation to login as the administrator so you can complete all the details, including deadlines, requirements, fees, etc. You may also invite other leaders to help administer your internship. Be sure to include a good photo. (Note: Consider the Converge admin payment when setting participant fees.)

Step Three - Pay Registration Fee and Start Leading Internship Program

Because we seek to do justice, fees are based on your country of destination, or you home country if you are hosting interns at your location. Check our International Fee Scale to determine if you qualify for a World B-33% or World C-66% discount. Fees begin at $35 USD.

If you are with a YWAM Campus Ministry, you will receive an additional discount.

When you pay and we launch your internship, we will post a Google Ad, send emails, and post social media campaigns on your behalf. Of course, you should share your internship with your social network too. (If you choose to limit applications to the people you invite, or if you do not want your internship posted publicly, please let us know.)

You will receive immediate notifications when someone applies. As the leader, it's your job to review, interview (if desired), and approve or disapprove any intern applicant.

The Converge Host Short Course is designed for you to use the Converge Program to host interns for your organization. 


  • Register your organization (church or student ministry, YWAM Center, nonprofit, or business) here.
  • Include a YWAM Reference.
  • YWAM’s Discipleship Training School is NOT required.

What you will get

  • Enrollment in the Host Short Course
  • A Personal Meeting with one of our Internship Coordinators. We have over 25 Certified Coordinators on five continents who speak English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and Korean.
  • Downloadable resources (including the Intern’s Field Journal, and Host’s Enculturation Planning Template.)
  • Landing Page on the YWAM Student Centre site
  • E-book written by John Henry; Conversation on Calling
  • Listings of Standards of Practice from the Forum on Education Abroad

What Your Interns Get

Your Intern(s) will be enrolled in Converge Missional Internships Course, an Extension Studies course of the University of the Nations.

They will be guided through spiritual and practical preparations, and fundraising to serve with your organization. There are five phases of the course, beginning with the Pre-Departure Phase, then the Enculturation,  Assessment,  Project, and  Debriefing Phases. When your Intern(s) arrive, you will conduct an on-site orientation, the Enculturation, to introduce your interns to your organization and the community.

Intern(s) will complete  assignments designed in the Course, which will help them serve as a member of your team.

After interviewing and assessing the needs, your Intern(s) will propose a project that addresses a need you and the people at your location have mentioned. You will help them define their project. Your intern(s) will learn to engage on a deep level with God so they can begin to discern their calling. Interns tend to be seeking full time work, and they may prove to be good candidates for permanent staff with your organization.

What kinds of Projects do Converge Interns do?
Interns may design a project to help start a business or plant a church, establish an HIV/AIDS counseling clinic or health awareness campaign, install water pumps or storage facilities, establish therapy routines for disabled children in an orphanage, or redesign a medical clinic or pharmacy. They may envision the development of a healthy nutritional plan for a hospice, or the creation of a curriculum for a school. Their Final Project may take the form of a video, a website, a PR campaign, or another community resource that relates to their studies or career. 
Finally, you will evaluate your intern(s) and Converge during the Debriefing Phase. 

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