Day Thirteen: Church

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This thirty thoughts with thirty messages is not exactly a daily exercise. I take days of rest, so we’re not exactly aligned with the day of the week. This is thought twelve on Day 13. So from now on they will be numbered by the thought and not the day.

I’ve followed closely the words from the Lord and the meetings led by our North American YWAM leaders, Mike Berg, Sean Lambert, Peter Warren. I’ve listened to messages from YWAM Founders Loren & Darlene, and some of our global convening elders Jim Stier and Lynn Green. And, of course, I’ve paid close attention to the words from my friends and colleagues with the University of the Nations David Hamilton and Tom Bloomer. I will speak about Tom’s word another day, but for today I want to emphasize one of the points David highlighted in his zoom message to the UofN Kona community.

David Hamilton gave this early word of encouragement while the YWAM community and University of the Nations campus was first quarantined and before they had to send the entire student and staff community home. At that time they were gathered in small home groups on the campus. David focused on the word Ecclesia, which is translated “church.” Jesus only uses that word, church, three times, all of them in the gospel of Matthew. The use of the word was to encourage the people of God to be inclusive and restore one another in the community.

Jesus describes church when he said,

For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.

Matthew 18:20

Any two or three. Fellowship with just one other person, and Jesus says, “I am there.” We can count on Jesus being with us in our homes. Jesus is doing something around the world. The church is being restored in a very significant way, in the tiny household groupings where the altar of the Lord and the priesthood of every believer is once again activated. There was a time when churches had no buildings, so they met in homes.

During this time of the coronavirus, we are forced to meet again in our own homes.


Do you believe God is meeting you in the place of your home? Activate your faith to believe it. Jesus is with you.

Watch David Hamilton’s message on Vimeo.

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