Day Twenty Five: Self-Control

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Today’s thought is Self-Control.

It’s not just about control of appetites, like how often you run to the fridge during this quarantine. It’s about how you enter into community. There are two diagrams in the video:

1. Yield Sign, which represents the need to slow down, consider others, and enter into traffic without causing harm to others.

2. Two concentric circles: a. Circle of Concern, the larger circle representing all the things you care about. b. Circle of Influence, the smaller circle representing where you already have influence.

The questions to consider are these:

Have you met Jesus Christ personally? Have you come to know his character? That’s adding Virtue to Faith.

Have you allowed him to be your teacher? That’s adding Knowledge.

Based on what God has taught you, have you got a passion to engage your world of concern?

Before engaging that world, you need to make some decisions. You need to make your circle of influence bigger by beginning with the things you are already responsible for, like your bed. Do you make your bed? If you want to change the world, like help people in poverty or fight disease, you need to do the things that you are already responsible for.

After you do that, you need to narrow your choices about what you can do. If God has called you to be a concert pianist, you need to practice. And you need to say no to all the other options.

Self-Control is making choices. Choices to yield. Choices to have concern for others. Choices to focus on what God is saying. Choices to engage the world of concern to make a difference.

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