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Today we build on yesterday’s thought, Self-Control, to Perseverance. Peter’s second letter outlines the progressive steps toward making your calling and election sure. He says we should “make every effort” to add to our faith, virtue, knowledge, self-control, and then perseverance.

Once we come to know God the person of virtue through faith, allowing him to be our teacher to add knowledge, we then make choices. We say “no” to other options in order to say “yes” to the things God has taught us about where we are to make a contribution, where we are to broaden our circle of influence into our circle of concern.

We want to make a difference, so we must engage our world. This is where perseverance takes place.

When we step into the circle of concern, we will be misunderstood. People, especially people closest to us, will ask “why?” We will experience testing.

This testing is the fire of God that John the Baptist promised that Jesus would bring. He said that Jesus would, Baptize you with the Holy Spirit and Fire. That fire comes, as Joy Dawson taught us in YWAM, to do two things:

1. To destroy that which is useless

2. To make our hearts pliable.

This destruction of useless things in our lives, and this softening of our hearts helps us to focus. When we can focus our hearts and step away from every distraction, we can to listen to God’s still small voice. This is the power of perseverance.

To truly make a difference, we must endure hardships and do all to stand in the place God has put us to make a difference as a witness of Jesus Christ in any setting, in any sphere of influence.