Missional Church Emerging

Missional Church Emerging.

I’m excited to be scheduled to teach five sessions of the Missional Church Emerging course.

These lectures will be part of the Praise Equipping Night class in the Praise Tabernacle Church sanctuary, on online, every wednesday night in February at 6:30pm and finishing up on Wednesday, March 3rd with an evening of proclamations and declarations of the mission field, the sphere of influence, and the arena of witness, God is calling you to join to engage in his Name. If you would like to join online, go to https://www.facebook.com/praisebibleinstitute.

Here’s a summary of what we’ll be discovering together.

God has summoned us to participate with him in his will and his work on the earth. The task is great.

Have you heard the whispers of God, whispers of hope about your calling? Have you been reluctant to respond?

Have you stepped out and wondered, “What am I doing here?”

Let’s learn together how to war a good warfare, and let’s step up to the call beyond our private battles. Let’s step out into Christ’s mission. Let’s pray prayers that break the power of darkness over places, spheres, cultures, and spheres of influence and structures of society to advance God’s mission in 2021. 

God calls the poor. He preaches good news to captives, like you and me, those who are still slogging through muck and mire, bound by fears and failures. He comforts, he restores, and he commissions us, out of poverty and brokenness, to become oaks of righteousness, builders, restorers, and healers. 

How do we live as witnesses in every sphere, every arena, our private life and our public life, inwardly and outwardly? 

God is answering prayers for eyes to see what he sees, his inheritance, the multitudes of people coming into his kingdom of light.

I invite you to allow me to share some of my story and the stories of other missionaries God has sent into his mission field. As I do, I pray you will answer God’s call to step up and step out to engage the world that God loves.

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