Converge 4roles infographic

At Converge, we believe everyone has a calling; following the crowd will not bring transformation, and a personalized missions project is the best way to discover your purpose.

No matter what your role, converges help you make a difference, for students, for missional organizations, and in communities across the globe.

¿Qué papel juegas en la historia de transformación de Dios?



Hosts start the student internship opportunity by filling out the Create an Internship form. The form makes it easy to design the internship opportunity for anyone working with an organization or community project. It leads you through all the issues, including the qualifications and number of interns you invite to your community.



Anyone can intern with a YWAM sponsored organization listed on the Converge platform. This generation is the most socially conscious, well traveled, cross-culturally connected in history. Converge is primarily for Students (high school graduates to post-graduates in university) from anywhere. However, you do not need to be currently enrolled in college. If you are seeking an internship, search through the opportunities that best fit your schedule, passion, and field of study or career choice..



Interns choose a trusted and experienced person from their own community to be their Mentor. Ideally, the Mentor will be someone highly regarded in the student's community. If you need help choosing a Mentor, try asking for advice from your pastor. Mentors meet with you periodically as you work through the Converge Course, raise funds, and prepare to travel and serve on your Converge internship.  



All donations are 100% deductible and 100% of donations on Student Profile pages go to the intern's scholarship fund. 

You may also choose to help sustain and expand Converge by making your donation on the home page.