how it works

You want to leverage your time, talent, and resources to serve in a community that relates to your studies and your passion. With Converge, you can connect to make a real difference. Here’s how it works:


step 1: host uses Create an Internship form

A Converge internship begins with an individual who agrees to host interns to serve in their community. Hosts use our online Create an Internship form to design a customized internship program with their organization in their community. 


step 2: search & apply

Search for internships that relate to your passion or your area of study/skills. Search the session that fits your schedule and the area of the world you want to go. Apply through the application link at the top.


step 3: choose a mentor

Choose your own Mentor from your own community. Choose someone you trust, or ask for your Pastor's help. Your Mentor should be someone with cross-cultural and field work experience, someone to pray with you and help you prepare to make a real difference.


step 4: connect with fellow interns through the Converge Course

You will be enrolled in a unique online course and join a global community of interns sharing experiences. The Converge course is set up in five phases. The Pre-Departure Orientation is all online, including dozens of short videos (2-5 min) with cross-cultural missions experts from around the world.


step 5: donors support interns & their projects

Your donations can sponsor the intern serving an organization or community you care about. Or you can sponsor Converge to help us continue to offer internships around the world. All donations are tax-deductible in the USA. Interns are also responsible to raise fees set by the Host. The only fee Converge charges is $25USD to begin participation in the Converge Course. 


step 6: serve and design a unique project

The remaining phases of the Converge Course, after completing the 1. Pre-Departure Phase, take place at the internship location. Those remaining four phases include – 2. Enculturation, 3. Assessment, 4. Project, and 5. Debriefing Phases– and are comprised of activities and assignments designed to help the intern engage on a deep level with the host community. When you arrive at the internship location, your Host will conduct the 2. Enculturation Phase to introduce you to the community  and the organization you will serve. During the 3. Assessment Phase, you will also observe, listen, and ask open questions before you propose a unique contribution, to be completed during the 4. Project Phase. Your big question, "What can I do here, with the time and resources that I have, to make a real difference?"   

You may design a project to help start a business or plant a church, establish an HIV/AIDS counseling clinic or health awareness campaign, install water pumps or storage facilities, establish therapy routines for disabled children in an orphanage, or redesign a medical clinic or pharmacy. You may envision the development of a healthy nutritional plan for a hospice, or the creation of a curriculum for a school. Your Project may take the form of a video, a web site, a PR campaign, or another community resource that relates to your studies or career. Finally, you will reflect on your Internship experience during the 5. Debriefing Phase and post a summary of your Project.