who can go

participants are accepted on the following basis: 

- Applicant must be 18 years of age by the start date of the Session;

- Applicant must be a High School graduate by the start date of the Session; and

- Applicant must have a demonstrated relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. 

- Applicant must have two personal references.

field of study

For some, a declared major that relates to the desired internship is also required. (This may be waived in exceptional cases with the consent of the Host.)

Note: Applicants are not required to be currently registered or attending a college or university.


Applicants must provide one Spiritual and one Other Reference. The Spiritual Reference may be a pastor, a Youth Minister, a Campus Fellowship leader, or any person that will provide information about the Internship applicant's relationship with Jesus Christ. The Other Reference may be an Employer, a Faculty member, a Student Advisor at the High School or College the Internship Applicant is attending or most recently attended. Not only will we reach out to references during the approval process, we will also reach out after student participants are accepted to encourage them to assist with the selection of a Mentor. 

application is free

Application is free. Once you submit your application, we reach out to your references and then send information about you on to the Host for final approval. 

upon acceptance

After final acceptance is confirmed by the Host, Converge Interns are sent an acceptance letter. They are required to immediately pay the Registration Fee. Before Converge Interns can log into their personal dashboard on the Converge platform, they must do two things: 

1. Enter the name and email address of a Mentor (someone they choose from their own community or network).

2. Pay the Registration Fee. 

After completing these two requirements, the Intern will be provided log in credentials to begin the Converge online course. The Converge Course begins on the Session application deadline date. Converge Interns failing to meet the deadline date for a Session will be invited to register for a different Internship Session.