fees & funds


Fees for Converge are made up of the Registration Fee and the Field Fees. Application is free. However, a non-refundable Registration Fee of $25, payable by check, credit card, or wire transfer, is due immediately upon acceptance to the Converge Program. The Registration Fee holds your place on a Converge internship project and assures us of your commitment to participate in the program. The $25USD Registration Fee is all that is required to confirm participation, to gain access to the Converge Course, and to gain permission to build your own Profile Page for communicating to supporters. The Registration Fee is non-refundable.

Field Fees are set by your Field Host. They are based on the Converge Project Location and number of days you will be staying at the location. Field Fees must be paid in full at least 10 days before the Session Start Date.  

field fees cover room and board

- Field fees cover all room and board at the Converge Project Location
- Field fees DO NOT include airfare, visas, airport tax, insurance, or personal spending money.

travel arrangements

The Converge office will not be involved in making flight arrangements or other travel tickets. It is the student's responsibility to search for the best airfare and arrange for visas, if necessary. 

student dashboard: designing your profile page and accessing the course

The Dashboard is where you can add photos and a bit of your own story. To receive login credentials to the Converge Course (hosted at, you must first pay the $25USD Registration Fee and then go to your Converge Dashboard to enter the name and email of your chosen Mentor, an experienced leader you trust from your own community. 

Your Personal Profile Page will automatically display your Field Project Location and Session Dates. The Personal Profile Page will also have a DONATE and social sharing buttons. When donors make contributions from your DONATE button on your Profile Page, a special fund is created to automatically designate scholarship funds toward your Field Fees. If your scholarship fund exceeds the Field Fees due, you may also submit travel receipts for reimbursement (before the final date of your Converge Session).

*NOTE: Gifts to YWAM Converge (aka UofN Student Mobilization Centre of Youth with A Mission) are tax deductible as provided in Section 170 of the IRS Code in the United States of America. The donor received no goods, services or other benefits from this gift.

donate to scholarship a participant

To support an internship/outreach of a Converge participant, use the donate button on the student's profile page. Please understand that the use of the donation is subject to the discretion and control of YWAM Converge, also known as the Student Mobilization Centre of Youth With A Mission. If the student is not able to participate on the project for which they have been accepted, the contribution will be held for the participant for up to one year and then it may be used to scholarship other participants.

paying fees

If a participant makes payments for his or her own Field Fees, the payment will not be tax-deductible. Online payment is preferred, however checks may be made payable to “Youth With A Mission” with the memo “for <your name> on <project name> Converge fees”.

Converge Internships Fee Payment Schedule

fees and payment deadlines

Converge fees are set by the Host and are paid directly to the Host before the Converge intern arrives on location. It is imperative that the Converge Student pay all Converge fees in full ten days before departure to the Host location.

All payments to sponsor a Student’s Converge Internship may be tax-deductible in the USA. Online donations through the Student’s Profile Page are automatically designated to that Student’s Internship fund. Donations and/or payments may also be sent by mail to:

YWAM Converge
PO Box 1526
Ocean City, NJ 08226

If a participant makes payments for his or her own Field Fees, the payment will not be tax-deductible. Online payment is preferred, however checks may be made payable to “Youth With A Mission” with the memo “for <your name> on <project name> Converge fees”.

If the Converge Fees are not paid in full within the deadlines described above, and the Converge Participant has not been granted an extension by Converge in writing, the participant will be cancelled from that Converge Session and the Converge cancellation and Refund Policy will apply for any funds paid. Monies paid by a Converge Participant who has been cancelled may be held for up to one year and credited to a later Converge Session, or transferred from your account to another at the discretion of Converge.

airport tax, baggage fees and visas

The only required expense outside Field Fees and airfare is that of airport tax, baggage fees, and visas. 

airport tax: 

Most of the time the airport tax is included with the ticket. If not, it is collected at the airport when you travel on an international carrier. You should be prepared to pay around $100USD for these taxes to and from various airports. 

baggage fees:

Be prepared with additional money to pay for baggage fees, especially if you have connecting flights. 

booking flights & visas: 

We advise that you act quickly. As soon as you are accepted for your Converge Project, you must book your airfare in order to apply for your visa for entry to the country where your Converge project is located. Do your research. Find out if you need a visa here. Typically, you will need two passport photos - one for the visa application and one as an extra.  You are responsible to apply for a visa through through the Embassy or Consulate of your Converge Host's country.  

personal spending money

You are free to bring as much or as little as you like, however we recommend that you limit the amount you bring for your personal needs. ATM’s are typically available, however your safety when accessing funds will be an issue requiring wisdom. Please do not carry excessive funds on your person.

tax-deductible receipts

Tax-deductible receipts are provided to US donors when they make donations for Field Project scholarships, which may be designated for a particular student's Field Fees. 

Please contact our office if you have questions.