Discipleship, On and Off Campus

Are you serious about Serving Jesus?

When you commit your life to Christ, you join His Mission. We have several options to help you bring your passions, skills, and gifts together for Christ and His kingdom.
We can help you find the ideal missional internship experience.
If you’re not ready, 
You can start a University Discipleship Course on campus.
This is how you take the next step to prepare for a career that brings Jesus’ light into your sphere of influence.

You can also use the Student Centre App to organize and lead Outreaches

What is a Converge Missional Internship?

Converge Internships are hosted by a YWAM Partner.  With a Converge Internship, you can cultivate your career in response to Christ’s call. 

Step One - Tap Here to Register

Register to get access to the Converge Missional Internship Course. We'll help you find the internship that fits your needs.

Step Two - Interview Host, Pray, and Confirm Participation

We introduce you to potential hosts for your internship and you interview with them about the internship. Once you both agree, you confirm participation and start making arrangements to go and serve and learn.

Step Three - Form Your Team

You invite your Mentor, Donors, and possibly fellow team members to join your journey. Your Mentor can be a Ministry Leader, Academic Advisor, or a member of your community.

Step Four - Go!

The Converge course will guide you step-by-step to complete a personalized missions project.

Step Five - Share Your Story

Meet with your Mentor and your Host to evaluate your Converge Internship and prepare to report what God did through you. Then, tell your story to friends, family, and your community.

Converge is more than an online course. The course is a step-by-step guide to build real cross-cultural relationships with people who share your passion, and you complete a personalized missions project that can relate to your college degree.

This is how to discern your calling in Christ’s Mission.  

Converge Internships are for you, if you are…

  • At least 18+ years old
  • Willing to choose and meet with a Mentor
  • Committed to working independently AND with others to complete a project
  • Willing to follow Biblical principles & instruction
  • And if you have already completed at least one outreach experience

Converge may be exactly what you are looking for.

With Converge, you will learn…

  • How to work with people who share your passion,
  • The importance of partnerships in the Great Commission,
  • How your sphere of influence matters to God, and
  • How to make a difference.

You can expect…

  • To grow in your knowledge and love of God
  • To gain a Biblical Worldview for life, work, and calling
  • Time for prayer and radical obedience
  • A greater understanding of God’s Mission
  • Cross-cultural friendships
  • To have a missional partnership experience
  • Experience researching, designing, proposing, and completing a missional project
  • To prepare and plan for a missional life

This is Cultivating your Career in response to Christ's Call

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