fundraising toolkit

It's friendraising, not just fundraising

Converge internships are missional serving and learning volunteer experiences. Too often the greatest influence on a decision to go on a short-term missions trip is finances.  However, God is greater than any challenge that is set before us.  It is our obedience that Jesus calls us to, regardless of our circumstances. Converge fees vary because costs and duration of sessions differ in each location. Find an internship that works with your availability, your passion, and your trust in God's provision. Then, reach out to your family, your friends, your fellowship by sharing your Converge Profile page.  In addition to the internship details and photos automatically on your profile page, you may add photos and some personal information. Your friends can share you page with their friends too. All contributions through your profile page donate button are designated to a scholarship fund for your internship.


He calls us to do what is possible to do. Begin by saving your money or selling something you can do without. It is then that He steps in to do the impossible! In our obedience to Gods call, He asks us to do what we can with the gifts that He has given us. If we have exhausted all of our abilities and resources, then we move into the area of trusting in His grace and provision, relying on Him to complete the provision that is needed.

The following are some suggestions that may help you raise financial backing or trigger other ideas for raising the finances you need. Unfortunately, we do not know of any easy, sure-fire ideas for you. That would eliminate the essential element in the heart of God’s servant: TRUST!


We encourage you to communicate with friends, family, and your church community. Therefore, we encourage you to speak with your pastor or missions director to request specific assistance for your tuition fee.

Talk to Pastor or Missions Director

Most pastors are very excited to help support members of their church who want to serve on the mission field. Allow your church the opportunity to send you with their blessing and support, especially for the tuition payment due upon acceptance. Before you approach your pastor for support (or for that matter, anyone):

Christian Group

Seek out help from your Christian group and other local groups. Often your student fellowship, a Bible study group, or a group like a businessmen’s fellowship will want to help contribute. First, seek out the person in charge of that group and explain what you will be doing. Be prepared to share in one of their meetings.


Communicate your pledge to return with a good report. For whomever you ask support, be sure to let them know that when you return you will give them a full report of your internship and what the Lord did during your time on the mission field. Let them know they are part of your ministry. Allow their commitment to you return as a blessing and cause for praise to God.

Friends and Family

Ask your family and friends. It may be difficult for you to seek support from those closest to you, but they are very good resources, primarily because they know where your heart is and your motivation for serving in this capacity.

Be Informed

Find out information concerning your host country before you share with people. Be informed, as much as possible, about current affairs and the needs of people in that country. Ask the Lord how He can use you through this team to meet those needs.

We want to encourage you concerning raising finances for your work on the mission field. After you have done all that you can to raise your support you may have the exciting privilege of seeing how the creative hand of God proves His faithfulness as He supplies the rest of your needs.

Tuition & Fees

Participation with Converge includes a Registration Fee ($25USD) and the Field Fee (Set by Host). We will accept tax-deductible contributions from donors in sponsorship of all costs related to participation with an Internship. 

Additional tax-deductible contributions may be made by designating to the specific Internship or Intern. Interns will receive updates of all contributions designated to their Internship.

How to Pay Fees

The best method for payment of fees is through your personal profile page. There is a donate button on that page and you may share that page through social networking to invite friends and family to donate. All donations made through your own profile page donate button are designated to your internship fund.

Mailing Checks

You may choose to send a check (in USD) or money order to:

YWAM Converge
P.O. Box 1526
Ocean City, NJ 08226