About Academic Credit

The University of the Nations offers Extension Studies (es.uofn.edu/) course credit for Converge internships. However, there is no guarantee of credit transfer to other universities. Therefore, students enrolled in other universities must work with their academic adviser in advance of the internship to learn how to obtain credit. Students who have obtained academic credit in the past have provided a written proposal to their academic advisor for a course of independent study that incorporates their internship experience into an academic program. Oftentimes, this course of independent study is completed after the internship because many colleges are not able to provide letters about future independent study credit for students. See recommendations below.

Here are a few recommended steps:


Step 1: Obtain from your college a statement that you are a student “in good academic standing” and you will be returning after the proposed internship to resume your studies.

 Step 2: Prepare a note stating your name, email, the name of the host organization, email address of the host, and indicate if you would like to have the letter emailed to you, directly to the host, or both.

Step 3: Email both documents to the appropriate office at your university. Remember to give yourself enough time to gather documents for this request. Once your college receives your request, you should receive a response regarding your request for academic credit.

University of the Nations Extension Studies Credit

Successful completion of the Converge Course includes completion of all assignments, Mentor and Host meetings, and the Field Project Report. You will be awarded a grade evaluation upon completion. A transcript can be issued to your college or university upon receipt of your signed transcript request form and transcript fee. (Go to uofn.edu for details.)

 The Converge program adheres to the standards of the international volunteer programs association (http://volunteerinternational.org), the Standards of Good Practice of the Forum on Education Abroad (forumea.org), and the Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission (soe.org). We are dedicated to cultivating the profound learning that results when practical service in a cross-cultural setting is combined with biblical instruction designed to prepare you for a life-work in your chosen field. This is much more than classroom instruction; it’s whole life learning in community. 

 Our partnership with hosts and their organizations, students and mentors in their church communities, and donors engaged in projects and people they care about produces a context for lifelong learning and practical witness to the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. There is no better way to learn about a culture or your unique contribution and life’s work than by living among a people and serving the needs of a community. 

When you enroll in the Converge program, you will gain a fresh understanding of the calling of God in the context of community, and you will learn of God’s hope for the world and your role in it. The Converge program allows you to combine this experiential learning with your formal academic studies. When you complete a Converge Internship, you experience a transformation of character through biblical teaching and you make a difference for a missional organization. You gain first-hand knowledge of how you can make a difference in the world. 

Converge internships are offered for a variety of fields of study, including education, health care, engineering, business, the arts, journalism, and social services. Projects may involve passion focus issues relating to human trafficking, HIV/AIDS, poverty, the environment, and children at risk. All Converge internships bring together academic studies with biblical studies, practical projects with spiritual growth, and short-term experience with long-term calling.