hosting interns is easy

With Converge, you can create an internship program for your organization in minutes. To qualify as a Host, you need to live in the community where the internship will take place and you need to know a Youth With A Mission missionary who can give you and your internship opportunity a good reference. If you are someone who appreciates the role of hospitality in the work of the kingdom of God, you are a good candidate to host Converge interns. 

here are the steps to get prequalified interns

  1. Customize your internship opportunity with Converge Create an Internship online form. You must include a YWAM Reference.
  2. Submit your application for free. After approval, we will publish your internship profile page.
  3. Use Converge marketing tools to share your internship with your social network.
  4. Students search the Converge site and apply for your internship. We prequalify candidates and you give final approval.

get started

  • Download and read the Converge Host Packet. Be prepared to fill out the online form.
  • Sign up to Host Interns for free on the Create an Internship form at the top right of the Converge site. You will get a Host Profile page. Communicate your Internship Opportunity through your Host Profile page.
  • Use the Reach Out form at the footer to get on the update list. 
  • Download and apply YWAM's Foundational Values to understand the values of Converge internships. 
  • Donate to help sustain the operations and development goals of Converge.