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Ideas for internships

Here are some Internships we have conducted in the past. For Hosts, we hope these will help spark ideas for what your Interns might do, as individuals or on small teams, to serve in your community or with your organization.

Journalism Internship

Students can write new correspondence stories and feature articles that would increase the Church's awareness of what God is doing in the host country. They can seek opportunities to interview key Christian leaders and members of government, conduct research, and survey mission work within the host country. Interns may have their choice of sub-matter, as long as it enhances the readers' awareness of what God is doing or might do within the country.

This internship is designed for journalism and photo-journalism related majors.

Medical Ministries Internship

In previous years, teams have been involved in medical and dental clinics in rural and urban settings; interns have worked with the orthopedic and ophthalmic hospital on board the ship, M/V Anastasis; in the health care clinic on 'Smokey Mountain' in the Philippines; and observed practices and procedures of local hospitals and public health care teams in rural communities.  

This internship is designed for pre-medical and nursing students.

Social Work Internship

Interns in the past have generated community resource manuals; provided counseling and case studies for refugee families; created and directed daily activity programmes for orphanages; aided a new adoption agency researching the international laws for adoption procedures; and begun Bible studies and friendship evangelism.

This internship is designed for social work, psychology, and social service related majors.

Education Internship

Interns can serve and observe the educational system in the host country. The majority of their time could be spent in local public primary school assisting national leaders in the class room. Interns might organize group activities, develop individual tutoring programmes, or work one-to-one with children and their families. Through the formation of friendships could have the opportunity to touch many lives for Christ.

This internship is designed for teaching & education-related majors.

Fine Art Internship

Previous internship students have formed a team of artists interested in learning traditional Chinese painting. The team spent two weeks inside China visiting places of artistic interest. There has been time for sketching and art work while in China. Approximately four weeks was spent at a major Chinese art academy enrolled in an art programme on Chinese painting. Interns shared Christ with Chinese and Hong Kong art students.  

This internship is designed for painting, sculpting and other art-related majors.

International Affairs Internship

The team might have a blend of social science majors who participate in writing a report on the future trends and implications of the host country and their affect on the overall society. This would entail research, interviews and observing the political, economic and sociological influences on the church and other influencing agents.

This internship is designed for political science, business, economics and sociology majors.

Environment and Resource Stewardship Internship

Interns could have opportunity to evaluate the impact of a community on its local environment, and develop and implement strategies for Biblical stewardship and community environmental education that lead to creation care and sustainable community livelihood based on God's redemptive purposes through Christ.

This internship is designed for environmental studies majors.

Agriculture Internship

In previous years Interns have been involved in projects such as teaching agriculture to underprivileged teenage boys; assisting in agriculture research projects in government sponsored junior colleges; and designing irrigation systems and grain dryers. 

This internship is designed for agriculture-related majors.

Business Internship

Interns might have occasion to observe and work alongside businesses in the host community. Interns have conducted research, interviews with local business people, assisted with product development and accounting methods in the formation of cottage industries in underdeveloped communities. Students could research the local and international laws, methods of marketing and distribution of products.

This internship is designed for business-related majors.

Engineering Internship

In previous years, Interns have assisted Engineering Ministries International with design services to Christian mission organizations all over the world.  Interns may be responsible for compiling and publishing the engineering reports and architectural drawings for a particular project. Interns gain practical work experience in their design field while participating in Christian missions.  

This internship is designed for Engineering and Architectural Design-related majors.