A Ten Day Prayer Guide for Universities

Why focus ministry in a university setting? Why is university ministry important? Why pray for universities? What would the answer to our prayers look like?

The Pandemic & Returning to God

It’s time again for students of all ages to return to school. University students have had at least one full school year disrupted by the Covid pandemic. And it’s not over. The Delta variant has caused another surge and many schools are trying to find a way to teach students without contributing to an unnecessary spread of the virus with additional strain on hospitals, and possible loss of lives. This is a call for urgent prayer, and it’s a call for everyone to return to God. For those who know God intimately, this is a call to repentance. Christ followers in our societies have too often become entangled in a materialistic and hedonistic culture, so much so that they often do not even see their sin of idolatry. They do not see their love for material comforts, which may be greater than their love for Jesus Christ, their neighbors, and for God’s creation. To begin, a deep repentance will require a deep examination of our priorities in every area of life. 

Deep repentance is the best kind of learning. Deep learning can only occur in a vibrant community, in the context of healthy relationships where humility and a willingness to change our thinking produces lives of service to God and to those He loves. The modern university was borne out of such communities and, by design, served to benefit the Church. Pope Innocent 12th, 1243 AD said, “Universities are rivers of knowledge that feed and fertilize the universal church.” In his book, “The Soul of The American University,” which traces the history of the secularization of American universities, George Marsden calls for academics of religious faith to re-think the connections between their faith and their scholarly endeavors. Jesus told his followers to “Go, make disciples,” that is to say, “Go teach students.” Paul’s testimony of the “school” he ran for a few short years in the lecture hall at Tyrannus demonstrates how short a period of time it can take to multiply workers to carry the light of the gospel to a vast area where “all the Jews and Greeks who lived in the province of Asia heard the word of the Lord” (Acts 19:9-10 NIV).