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All of our team members are called to help students gain experience, connections, and perspective that helps shape their life-long contribution as witnesses for Christ in their sphere of influence. If you are called, we invite you to apply to join our team.

the context

YWAM Ocean City is a new YWAM location in Ocean City, NJ, USA and is an outpost of YWAM’s Student Mobilization Centre. YWAM Ocean City is seeking to build a team of local YWAM staff skilled in website development, marketing and communications, writing, and other technical skills that will support the development of the Converge platform, local operations, and Discipleship Training School. As a small, new YWAM location, staff positions are multifaceted and provide opportunities for staff to use their existing abilities, training, and experience, as well as to be challenged in learning and developing new skill areas through hands-on experience and professional development.

As we look forward to the start of our second DTS and first Converge DTS – a hybrid of traditional DTS lecture, campus ministries outreach, and Converge internships – all staff members joining our team will be expected to participate in the DTS in some capacity. For most, this will primarily take place in the context of the student internships, but staff members are encouraged to lead one-on-ones, small groups, and other discipleship-focused functions as agreed upon with YWAM Ocean City leadership.

salary and benefits

YWAM does not pay its staff. We actually raise our own salaries! Most of our staff meet their financial needs by partnering with friends and churches who support their ministry. In some areas, our staff work in other businesses for financial, practical or ministry reasons.

apply to join staff

To join YWAM staff you first need to complete a Discipleship Training School (DTS). DTS is the pre-requisite to all our other training and opportunities and is offered at over 200 locations around the world. Reach out to us to let us know you are interested in joining our team. We will send you a Staff Application. Apply Online - or - download the application form. 

Download Application to join YWAM Converge Staff.

When you submit your completed staff application, please include a Cover Letter and Resume/CV. Email to admin@ywamconverge.org.

current staff openings

All positions may be full or part-time YWAM staff. However, you may join the team as a short term volunteer or intern to assist with the tasks for each of these roles. All full-time YWAM Staff will also be involved at some level with the Discipleship Training School.

URGENT - dts school leader

YWAM Ocean City is looking for a dynamic individual to lead our first Converge DTS. The Converge DTS is a hybrid approach to DTS that blends the traditional lecture and outreach components with an internship component in which students gain experience in tasks that support the development of the Converge platform and campus outreach planning. Lecture and outreach are not organized as consecutive “phases,” but the weeks of the DTS cycle through lecture, Converge internship, and campus outreach weeks throughout the course of the six month school. The School Leader will work with DTS staff to facilitate the planning and implementation of the DTS lecture and outreach weeks and coordinate with the internship coordinator for the Converge internship weeks of the DTS.

The DTS School Leader position is an initial two year commitment to lead the DTS from the end of October to the first week in May each year. Ideally, this candidate will also fulfill one of the other open staff positions listed below.

it coordinator

The IT Coordinator will be responsible for website maintenance and development, Salesforce CRM administration, staff and student training on relevant systems, and installation and maintenance of networks, applications, and hardware used at YWAM Ocean City. The ideal candidate will have a bachelor’s degree or higher in software engineering, computer programming, or a related field and experience with website design and management of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. Knowledge of Salesforce and Ruby on Rails is desired, but not required. This individual will demonstrate enthusiasm for the vision of YWAM Ocean City and a willingness to learn new skills and participate in professional development related to the functions of the position.

marketing and fundraising coordinator

The Marketing and Fundraising Coordinator will be an enthusiastic and articulate spokesperson for YWAM Converge for potential students, hosts, and donors. This dynamic individual will coordinate marketing and fundraising strategies through social media, events, grant writing, and various publications. This person will possess superior written and oral communication skills and the ability to manage multiple concurrent tasks and projects efficiently and effectively. The ideal candidate will have a bachelor’s degree or higher in marketing, communications, public relations, or a related field and experience in grant writing, fundraising, marketing, and content writing.

converge program manager

The Converge Program Manager will be responsible for the educational and internship components of Converge. He or she will regularly review and develop the online course curriculum for Converge, facilitate the online course, and serve as the point of contact for students and hosts during the internship phases of the program. This person will also work with the Marketing and Fundraising Coordinator to cultivate partnerships with existing and potential hosts to promote their commitment to using Converge as a recruiting platform for interns. This person will have experience with curriculum development and instructional design and a bachelor’s degree or higher in education, curriculum and instruction, or a relevant field. The ideal candidate also has experience in online curriculum design and instruction and has worked with online learning platforms such as Blackboard.

intern or volunteer here in ocean city, nj

Consider volunteering or starting your career here at a beach resort community.

We seek volunteers and interns with a variety of skill sets. We're looking for talented Software Engineers, Front End Web Designers, Accountants, Online Course Administrators, Writers, Marketing Specialists, Video Specialists, and Support Evangelists. Our interns will spend their first few days reviewing our overall strategy, getting to know the team, learning about calling and missions strategy, and defining what they can accomplish during their internship or volunteer time. We seek fun people who are team players, independent learners, and enjoy accomplishing goals in a relaxed and creative environment. 

If you are ready for an amazing experience, we want to hear from you.

Note: These are not paid internships. Room and Board may be available during the off-peak season at a very reasonable rate.

Hosting Your Team

Thank you for your desire to come and serve in Ocean City, NJ! At YWAM Ocean City we do our very best to receive & facilitate outreach volunteers.

If you are on fire for God, want to worship God and seek a deeper relationship with Him, come use your gifts and skills in order to help build the Kingdom here in this city borne in a Methodist revival. We trust you will also hear from God what your next steps should be!

Our accommodations are very limited. We rent housing for schools during the off-season. Sometimes we can facilitate a small team in that housing space in the Fall or Spring season. YWAM Ocean City will be unable to host volunteers or house travelers without prior arrangement. We may be able to arrange housing for your team with a church or in the homes of our volunteers. Please pray that we find more accommodation soon!

If you are a YWAM team and would like to do your outreach in South Jersey, we will do our absolute best to accommodate you. Please send us a note on the Reach Out on the bottom of the page.

Cycles, Circuits, and Circles in Ocean City

YWAM Ocean City is located in the downtown neighborhood, surrounded by great dining and shopping, the boardwalk, the bay and the beach. We have convenient access to public transportation and Ocean City is a great place to ride bikes. Our offices are small now. However, we will provide a workspace for all YWAM Ocean City team members. Our offices and classroom are at the Crown Bank building at 801 Asbury Ave. We are in Suite 204. 

We hope to create a co-working community for partner ministries, freelancers, artists, and entrepreneurs to share workspace and resources with the YWAM Ocean City team. We have flexible office hours, so staff accomplish weekly goals where wherever they are most productive. In some circumstances, YWAM Ocean City team members live in other YWAM communities and work remotely. Ask us about where you might live and work. 

cycles of work, relaxation, and privacy

We recognize the pressures of doing it all. From family commitments to long term plans, we stand together and honor every individual’s calling, including the calling to love your neighbor.

The YWAM Ocean City staff team convenes for weekly “episodes.” What is an “episode”? It’s a time together to review progress, share our work with talks and demos, set goals for the next week’s episode, and pray together. 

Staff, Interns and Students should never feel tied to a desk. There are plenty of spaces to go to when you need a change of pace. Local coffeehouses, the OC Library, or work from home. DTS students have the Big White Beach House at 1137 Central Ave, with plenty of space to work, play, pray and have conversation. 

We are using annual goals for every staff team member. We set expectations, promote conversations, reinforce values, and encourage every staff member to reach new heights.

community circuits

Members of the YWAM Ocean City team are also called upon to help with various community or global initiatives. Though Converge is mostly a software platform for mobilization, we are also a local YWAM team with local training and outreach, including the Discipleship Training School. We will have periodic seminars, workshops, mobile team ministries to travel to surrounding communities, especially university communities. We will offer the Discipleship Training School, and/or a secondary school with the University of the Nations at least once each year. 

circle celebrations

Our local YWAM Ocean City circle of friends is invited to celebrate at least one day every quarter. The YWAM Ocean City team includes full time staff, short term interns, and volunteers. We are drawn together because we share a similar call and vision locally or globally. To celebrate, we may spend the day at the beach, go out on a boat, go biking, or enjoy the boardwalk amusement rides. 

All full time members of the YWAM Ocean City team will be partially sponsored to travel to missions projects every year. As a member of YWAM’s global community, you will also be expected to attend at least one major YWAM gathering around the world each year.

Learn more about Ocean City, NJ