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To See God's Nature

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To See God’s Nature

Why is the Church’s witness in the world not having more influence? Should the Church influence the spheres of the arts and entertainment, education, journalism and media, and government? Certainly the medical profession needs a reformed understanding of their sovereign duty to God to protect life, to do no harm, don’t they?  How does the Church expand her witness beyond the walls of a church building, and especially beyond a private vision of salvation? Jesus taught his followers that the kingdom begins small, like a “seed” or a little “leaven,” which grows and spreads everywhere (Matt. 13:34-35). 

For Jesus, heaven is more than an idea; it’s his reality, his natural habitat. God welcomes us into his reality. But we limit his message and his kingdom to a set of principles, ideas. Jesus message is more than an idea or a message to be taught in a classroom. His message applies to every area of life. But when we limit God’s truth to a set of ideas, we cannot see the kingdom of heaven. Ideas, whether they be true or false ideas, have consequences to society. False ideas have kept individuals and whole communities captive from knowing and experiencing God’s goodness, his reality. Truth is not merely an idea, but a Person. Jesus said, “I am the…Truth” (John 14:6). 

Fully embracing God’s Mission will not only transform us personally, it will transform our church communities, and the kingdom of heaven will grow. It will saturate society with God’s goodness, mercy, and justice. God’s Mission is to bring transformation to nations. This is what it means to “Go, make disciples of nations” (Matt. 28:18)

Let’s look a little deeper at the nature of God. We know his natural habitat is His kingdom, but what do we know about God’s nature? We know He speaks. With His words, the universe came into being. Therefore the fields of Communications and Languages, Media, and Journalism, are expressions of His nature. We know He is the Creator, so the fields of the Arts and the Sciences are expressions of His nature. We know He put our first parents into a garden which He planted, therefore the fields related to Agriculture and Horticulture are expressions of His nature. We know He heals, so the field of Medicine is an expression of His nature. We know He teaches, therefore Education is an expression of His nature. The Scriptures say He is an architect and a builder, so the fields of Architecture, Engineering, and Construction are all expressions of His nature. We know He listens, and He is a wonderful counselor, therefore Psychology and Psychiatry are fields that express His nature. We know He gave Moses the Ten Commandments, and He is the Law Giver and Just Judge, therefore the fields of Government and Law are expressions of His nature. We know He is the Prince of Peace, therefore International Affairs is an expression of His nature. And we know He is the Father of Every Family, and He is the Son of God, therefore we know that the role of Fathers, Mothers, Sons, Daughters, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, are expressions of His nature.

Jesus’ strategy to evangelize the world was to multiply His nature into His disciples, who would reproduce men and women for every sphere of influence, who would teach God’s nature, and multiply disciples, and so on (2 Tim 2:2). This is the purpose of the University. This is God’s call to Youth With A Mission when He instructed us to establish the University of the Nations. And this is God’s CALL to EVERY CHRIST FOLLOWER. We are called to fulfill God’s Mission, His Dream, and His Command to multiply and fill the earth, as He told the first Son and the first Daughter on planet earth. 

Do you now see that the full embrace of God’s Mission will lead us to ever expanding influence, beyond our private world of devotion and into the public world as representatives of God’s Nature, in every sphere of society, as a witness of Christ’s kingdom? But seeing God’s nature is not the same as knowing God.

On September 9, YWAM International has our monthly call to prayer. Read “The Invitation” to learn about this month’s focus, which is on students and universities internationally. 

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