Internship Projects

Converge missional internships bring together Spiritual Passion, Professional Interests, and Personal Skills

(NOTE: Converge is for any student, but there are opportunities for YWAMers as internship coordinators, Mentors, and Hosts.)

Converge interns have: helped

    • Start businesses 
    • Plant churches
    • Establish HIV/AIDS counseling clinics
    • Install water pumps and storage facilities
    • Establish therapy routines for disabled children in orphanages
    • Establish pharmacies with donated drugs
    • Develop nutritional plans in hospices
    • Create curriculum for schools, including forgiveness education in the Middle East…

Amy's Story

Amy was a nursing student at the University of Virginia. Her YWAM internship experience in Kenya led her to become a full time nurse. 
Amy focuses on healing through systemic changes in healthcare. She completed her Master’s in Public Health.

We built Converge because we believe everyone has a calling, following the crowd will not bring transformation, and a personalized missions project is the best way to discover your purpose. 

Matt's Story

Matt did a health care internship in Jamaica and then led another YWAM internship team to the Amazons, with credit for two elective rotations in tropical medicine at Jefferson Medical School. He later served as a medical missions doctor in Central Asia for over 10 years. As a doctor, Matt now trains other medical missions professionals impacting the lives of thousands more around the world in Tulsa, OK.

Xian's Story


Xian, a Carnegie-Mellon Engineering student  interned with us in East Timor. He said: “My experience left an indelible mark on me.” The internship led him to start a company called D.light Design, a global leader and pioneer in delivering affordable solar-powered solutions for people in the developing world and has transformed  the lives of over 100 million people.

Tamara's Story

Tamara, from Switzerland, spent seven months in Lebanon working with Syrian Refugees on a peacemaking internship.

 “God gave me this experience and now I am responsible. I can’t act as if I  am not aware. The internship connected me with great people who have a heart for the Middle East, and not just Christians, but Muslims and Jewish people too.” 

Glenis' Story

Glenis, from Colombia, completed the Discipleship Training School in 2016. She was our first Converge Intern to Albania, and now she is Converge Coordinator for the

Spanish World and on staff at the UofN Jeju, Rep. of Korea.

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