Peacemaking in Lebanon in the Middle East

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    You will be partnering with our family and other local missionaries. We work with both refugees and Lebanese and our purpose is to bring hope and reconciliation to the people. We want to bring both groups of people together and see forgiveness happen and ultimately experience more of God through this. We love to build relationships with each other and the community and work together as a family.

    Education, Law, & Social Sciences, Public & Social Services, Church & Christian Ministries

    International Students, Other, Poverty & Economic Development, Women & Children at Risk


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    Internship Location & Culture

    The culture of the area is a unique blend of Lebanese and Syrian refugees. This brings lots of wonderful culture to the area as people drink tea together, kids play outside, and family is a main emphasis.

    The area is in a great location right on the Mediterranean Sea. You are a short ride away from a larger city that has all you would need. You can walk from your apartment to local convenient stores/restaurants as well.

    The village is a Christian village and its very safe its well protected by the police and the people are very nice

    We ask that you wear culturally appropriate clothing for the Middle East. Trousers, no skirts, modest. No piercings on face. Ear piercings on women only. Tatoos must be hidden. We will communicate daily on what the schedule looks like and have meetings every so often with the other local missionaries.

    You will be staying in an apartment either with our family or with the other interns. We will cook meals together and you will have access to a kitchen as well. The apartment is in a great location right across from the sea, and a short few minute ride to the city.

    Internship Staff

    Ramy , Director of Foundation for Forgiveness and Reconciliation in Lebanon

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    Internship Details


    Some College


    Culturally Appropriate Dress Required

    Shared meals at residence



    Public Bus/Metro, Taxi/Rickshaw

    Daytime OK to walk area

    On-site (Free)