True Hope in Kenya

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    Interns should expect a variety of ministry opportunities, including sports activities, teaching, feeding the children, and church events. We will travel by bus to ministry events.

    Artes, Entretenimiento y Deportes, Servicios Públicos y Sociales, Iglesia y Ministerios Cristianos

    Pobreza y Desarrollo Económico, Mujeres y Niños en riesgo


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    June 2021 01 Jun 2021 30 Jun 2021 02 Apr 2021 4 410,14 €
    July 2021 01 Jul 2021 31 Jul 2021 02 May 2021 4 424,29 €

    Pasantía Lugar & Cultura

    The people are very friendly here, and mostly religious.

    There may be hot weather sometimes; it will be dusty, and muddy when it rains with mosquitoes,

    It is safe to walk around where the student will be staying. However, when we go to the slum, there are some risks. Students will commute to the slum and other local transportation with True Hope staff.

    Interns are free to dress casually, but modest. When going to ministry and church services, interns should wear jacket/tie or dress.

    The housing will be with True Hope staff in a safe area with electricity.

    Personal de pasantía

    James , Chairperson /director




    Detalles de pasantia


    Estudios universitarios incompletos



    Cocina compartida para preparar alimentos



    Transporte público (autobús, metro)

    Nunca camine solo

    Caminando a un par de cuadras