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    El objetivo de la pasantia, es continuar con la expansión del evangelio a través de la profesión con el Movimiento Universitario.

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    At first glance, you will find that many of the Chileans you see in the center of the city, are not characterized for the most part by purely indigenous traits, typical of several Latin American countries, in most cases it could be said that they are mestizo, but the truth is that the indigenous population is large and represents 11.08% of the country (2012 census, people who declared themselves indigenous), the largest group being the Mapuches with more than 1,500,000 people, followed by Diaguitas and Aymara. Although it is true that Chile has had great economic growth and has one of the highest incomes in the region, it is enough to take a (micro) bus and visit some of the towns (known as towns and camps) outside the city to understand that the economic boom has not reached everyone equally. However, being economically disadvantaged, you will usually meet friendly, happy, smiling and supportive people. You can appreciate the main traditional customs in rural areas, for example, visiting the town of Pomaire. An excellent opportunity to learn about the culture and heritage of Chile is to visit and tour for free the many activities that take place on Heritage Day.

    Depende del clima social, pero siempre los extranjeros son bienvenidos, la gente observará de lejos, pero queriendo saber de usted. The main climatic characteristics of the Metropolitan Region correspond to the "Mediterranean" type, with a long dry season and a rainy winter. The annual average temperature is 13.9 ° C, while the warmest month corresponds to January, reaching a temperature of 22.1 ° C, and the coldest month corresponds to July with 7.7 ° C. The hallmark is the rains, the variations of which make it possible to highlight quite precarious conditions, reaching annual averages of 356.2 mm. The precipitations decrease from the coast towards the intermediate depression, to increase again in the Andes mountain range; originating in this way general bioclimatic lines of the region and central Chile.

    Es una base de Jucum que tiene 16 hectáreas, entonces nos podemos mover tranquilos, con iluminación y energía eléctrica.

    Cuando estamos en la base, vestidos y chort que no muestren partes intimas., ropa no transparente. Cuando salimos a las universidades, vestidos y chort que no muestren partes intimas., ropa no transparente. Cuando vamos a la iglesia, Hombres: se requiere traer camisa, pantalón de vestir y corbata, en alguno lugares la corbata es parte de la vestimenta. Mujeres: vestidos y/o faldas, es bien visto. Hay iglesias que también una mujer puede ir con pantalón, pero cuidando de no mostrar partes íntimas, se requiere cuidado.

    Es una casa preparada para recibirles,tiene habitaciones, baños con duchas y cocina compartidos. (baño/ducha para hombres y mujeres por separado). También lavaropa compartido.

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    Nayareth , Líder

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