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    We expect the interns to work hard to get our web site up to speed. We also welcome their participation in local outreaches we might be doing. We would expect participation in household cleanup duties and chores as we all do. The interns would work alongside our base leader and leadership team members who would make suggestions for the web site, but we'd also expect intern ideas and creativity to kick in.

    No Alcanzados y Plantación de Iglesias, Mujeres y Niños en riesgo


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    Pasantía Lugar & Cultura

    Founded in the mid-1700's by German ("Pennsylvania Dutch") groups like the Moravians and Mennonites, and the Amish. A conservative area especially the farm areas around the city. In town a large percentage whites and of Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, and Central American immigrants along with a minority of Blacks. The town area has fewer people who would call themselves religioius. Small communities of Asians, Jews, and Muslims are in the town as well. Some really nice churches in the area. The people are warm and friendly.

    Lebanon is a town of 25,000 located in the farming region of south central Pennsylvania. Formerly a steel mill town, now it contains a mix of private businesses, franchises, and some large company warehouses and transportation depots. Located a few miles from a jumping on spot to the Appalachian Trail, a very beautiful and peaceful area of rolling hills and farmland. Nice climate with 4 distinct seasons. We're just an hour from three larger hubs, Harrisburg, Lancaster, and Reading. We're 2 hours from Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington DC. Lots of fun historic places and recreation spots available.

    There has not been an overabundance of COVID-19 cases in our area. People seem to be diligent about taking precautions. Lots of space here compared to cities. Nothing to worry about with crime.

    Very few guidelines. We share in household and kitchen work. Have an hour team meeting from 8:30 to 9:30 am each morning, then work from 9:30 to about 4 pm. Our office is walking distance from the housing we have for interns. It's a pleasant atmosphere. We don't allow drinking or smoking. Expect everyone to have a daily quiet time with the Bible. Ask everyone to pick out a church in town to attend on Sunday. Sometimes have corporate outreach activities or corporate meals or events. We usually have lunch as a community, and often have dinner and breakfast on your own, with food provided by YWAM.

    The intern must be symptom free for at least 2 weeks, from the COVID-19 disease before entering our community. He / she would live in shared housing with our YWAM staff at the facilities we have in the city. Right now that is a rented house, as we are in the process of looking to buy a permanent facility after our training center burned down in 3/19. We hope to buy a place in summer of 2020. Comfortable, clean, homey atmosphere, observing Social Distancing guidelines. Very committed Christian community with daily morning devotions, prayer, or worship. We try to practice the foundational values of YWAM as seen at www.ywam.org

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