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    The vision of UrbanPromise is to be a community in Christ of servant leadership and transformation, seeking a full life for all involved: urban youth, families, volunteers and staff in the neighborhoods of our city. The mission of UrbanPromise Wilmington is to equip children and young adults through Christ with the skills necessary for academic achievement, life management, personal growth and servant leadership. UrbanPromise is an organization with about 30 full time staff members who live intentionally by building relationships in the city. Interns report directly to the Intern Director and the Director of the children's program site. When you arrive there is extensive training and introduction to the community of UrbanPromise and the city of Wilmington. The Intern Director will be there to answer any questions about your role. All interns are thought of and expected to be a part of the UrbanPromise community. While participating in the internship your housing, transportation, food, and other basic needs will be provided for by the organization. The expectations of the internship are as follows: * Live in the organization provided staff housing * Participate in all team activities, including community meals, house devotions, team meetings, house meetings, etc. * Spend relational time with children building transforming relationships * Spend relational time with God * Spend time learning about the neighborhood and community of Wilmington * Work through a curriculum that will challenge and stretch your understanding on justice and race * Assist and help run programs for youth and children weekly, with the occasional weekends * Follow/develop/prepare curriculum for teaching children and ensure class expectations are met * Participate in weekly ministry wide spiritual disciplines such as worship, bible study, and prayer . * Contribute to a Christian environment that is fun, safe, clean, colorful, and accepting * Strive to be on time for all activities * Follow UP’s child protection policies and procedures

    Environmental Stewardship, Poverty & Economic Development, Women & Children at Risk


    Title Start Date End date Application Deadline Seats Left Cost
    2021-2022 Year 13 Sep 2021 12 Jun 2022 15 Jul 2021 10 $10,685.71
    Jun - Aug 2021 07 Jun 2021 29 Aug 2021 08 Apr 2021 10 $3,260.71

    Internship Location & Culture

    Wilmington has a diverse population celebrated throughout the year with festivals, activities and art exhibits that connect its culture and rich history. As you venture from one part of the city to the other, it’s easy to see the touches of each culture within the neighbourhoods around the city. The area also offers many parks, jogging paths, and wooded areas for outdoor enthusiasts.

    Wilmington is located approximately mid-point between New York and Washington D.C. and only a 30 minute drive from the Philadelphia International Airport. Due to fair laws and tax breaks, Wilmington is a destination for many businesses. A large part of the economy is made up of bank headquarters, chartered corporations, and science and technology companies. With a population of about 70,800 people, you get the city experience with a small town feel. 58% of the population in Wilmington is African American, 32% is White, and the remaining percent is split between Native American, Lantino, Asian, and a variety of other ethnicities. Like most cities, Wilmington does not go without experiencing crimes such as drug trafficking and gun violence.

    This question is too small and too impersonal to begin to do justice to the richness and diversity of urban culture. We can say a few things, though. The city is very different if you have never lived in an urban area or had much interaction with people from a different cultural or economic background. Many people do experience some culture stress, but don’t let that turn you off. The city has a lifetime’s worth of powerful lessons to teach about God, yourself, others and society. Our neighbourhoods are filled with a variety of different people who are raising children and living life. Mixed into our neighbourhoods, you will find gun violence, and drug and alcohol abuse. Since we are committed to living in the places we do ministry, it isn’t unlikely for you to hear gunshots every now and then or see the effects of drugs in the community. While Interning with us you will be expected to travel in pairs when you are out in the community as well as adhere to the house curfew. It is important to be aware of the environment at all times not just for your safety but also so you do not miss the richness of the community you're living in. It is important that you come in with an open mind and a willingness to learn. No matter what your experience is in regards to cities and African American and Latinx communities, there will always be something to learn. Come in with a desire to listen first and lead from what you hear because no two people are the same. Coming into a new place is always hard and it gets harder when you are in a place where you are always out of your comfort zone. Be yourself and ask questions. Allow yourself to change and be challenged in the ways you think and how you function.

    Dresscode: UrbanPromise Wilmington strives to be a good example to our kids, families, and volunteers in various ways. This includes how we present ourselves with what we wear. In all cases, staff should wear attire that is professional, modest, and appropriate for their activities Schedule: The schedule fluctuates between school year and summer terms. Most days will start at 9am and end between 6-9pm. All interns will participate in community meals, home visits, fun activities with youth, all staff Bible study, All staff prayer, fundraisers, and other activities. THE HIGH FIVES From a distance it is easy to love the idea of being a part of the UP family and mission. However, it requires a high level of commitment and sacrifice in order to be successful. With this in mind, we practice ‘The High Fives’ as a guide post for our commitment. Practice Hospitality: We are a welcoming community who shows compassion and shares life with each other. We are intentional to have meaningful interactions with all who enter into our community. Speak Life: We express ourselves in a way that builds up and supports the UPW community along with its vision and mission. Reconcile with one another: We use conflict as an opportunity to live out the Gospel of Jesus. We hold onto the truth of the Gospel and celebrate our differences. Take Ownership: We are accountable for our actions and the world around us. When we make mistakes, we admit them and seek to move forward. If we see something amiss we put it right. We are Whole Hearted: We are committed to faithfully sacrificing with complete sincerity in everything we do.

    All interns live in staff housing provided by UrbanPromise. All of our housing is located in the neighbourhoods that we run programming in. It is highly possible for you to find yourself living down the street from a child you work with. Community is very important to our organization and so you will have intenaial times in your schedule set aside for community activities such as house meetings, community meals, devotions, and chores. UrbanPromise will provide a weekly stipend for food and other household items. As a house you will share the responsibilities of shopping and cooking meals. Any dietary restrictions or needs can and will be taken into consideration as long as they are clearly communicated. At any time there are health needs or emergencies someone will assist you in getting the propour services. UrbanPromise does not provide health insurance of any kind for short term staff.

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    Salima , Intern Director

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