Partner Architects Internship

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    Partner Architects is a team of missionary architects committed to designing thoughtful and inspiring places for ministries in under-served areas around the world.

    Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Science, Math, & Technology

    Environmental Stewardship, International Students, Poverty & Economic Development, Human Trafficking


    Title Start Date End date Application Deadline Seats Left Cost
    2021-2022 Year 13 Sep 2021 12 Jun 2022 15 Jul 2021 4 $4,488.00
    Jun - Aug 2021 07 Jun 2021 29 Aug 2021 08 Apr 2021 4 $1,369.50

    Internship Location & Culture

    We work on a missions training campus with around 170 staff running a variety of YWAM schools.

    Small, mountain town located within one mile of a large lake. We are on the campus of YWAM Montana- Lakeside.

    Being on a YWAM campus surrounds you with a missions community. Access to shops and stores is limited, given the distance and lack of public transportation.

    The internship includes required YWAM Montana worship times, MBI staff meetings and around 40 hours of office work per week in an architectural setting.

    The dormitory housing has 2-4 people per room with shared bathroom and shower facilities. The cafeteria is able to handle any dietary restrictions.

    Internship Staff

    Ross , Director

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    Some College


    Casual Work




    Private Team Vehicle

    Free to move around alone

    On-site (Free)