Meet Our Team of Certified Internship Coordinators

This international team of internship coordinators will help you, your student organization, your business, your NGO, your church, and your college to make missional internships an integral part of your ministries and missions programs. 

Reach out to one of these Certified Coordinators if you need help creating or finding the right internship. If you are a YWAM/UofN leader, or any missional leader with an organization seeking interns, these coordinators can help you.

John&Monica Hwang

John & Monica Hwang

International Director, Student Mobilization Centre

Languages : English, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish


John and Mary 

John & Mary Henry

Directors of YWAM Converge

We are developing a team to coordinate international internships that uphold the highest standards of practice in education, while emphasizing Christ's mission.


Africa & Middle East

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Lovanambinina Ranaivoarinoro, Madagascar

Campus Ministries, Mahajanga, Madagascar

Languages: English, French, Malagasy

Asia & Pacific


Sanghong Kim

Sanghong Kim, Malaysia

U of N International Community Development and Justice Centre Staff

 "I am a trained professional coach and mentor and language learning advisor with a passion to see community transformation based on the biblical worldview to unleash people's vision and potential for God's kingdom."

Languages: Korean, English, Arabic



Glenis Acosta

Converge Internship Coordinator

"I want to be a bridge for the nations. I firmly believe that young people and university students can change the world if they are equipped with the right tools and mentorship."

Languages: Spanish, English, and some Korean

Central America

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Eduardo Solano Amador, Costa Rica

"I help young people and University students to find God's purpose for their lives, encouraging them to get out of their comfort zone to do new things that they never have felt capable of doing. Trying to get the maximum potential in everyone's life."

Languages: Spanish


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Dayana Buendia

Lawyer with YWAM Pioneering Team, Basel, Switzerland

"I want to see the potential that God has placed in young people to bring the kingdom of God, making significant changes in the nations." 

Language: Spanish

North America

John Stenson

John Stenson 

Director of Colab 432

"I want to see young and old alike encounter their Maker through visual arts, audio arts, movement and hospitality. We are excited to see people discover their identity and destiny as they draw close to the heart of the Father, their truest home."

Languages: English, Spanish


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Amy Bischof 

Arts/Dance Internships

"I want to reach people, young and old, through performing arts and specifically through dance. I love to see how people worship God through the arts." 

Languages: English, German


Chelsea Burke

Chelsea Burks

Director of YWAM Starkville

"God stirred in my heart a passion for walking with these young men and women, helping them grow in their knowledge and understanding of Him as they studied in University. We have now started a new location of YWAM back at my alma-mater and want to help students connect the dots between their fields of study and their relationship with God."  

Language: English


Brook Roberts Ywam Colab Newsletter Photo

Brook Roberts

Colab432 Staff

" My passions are to help people discover their identity and destiny then act on it. I love to take Action and make things happen. I love Adventure and Including others along the way, or better yet to Activate them into going on their own adventure and pursue their passions or dreams God has put within them."

Language: English

South America

Screen Shot 2020 05 18 At 4.46.11 Pm

Lewis Carballo, Chile

Social Media and Video Coordinator

"I studied Social Communication, I really like to study the scriptures and my vision is to transform people through social media and preaching the gospel. I would like to connect people and through this follow the will of God and make a community focus in transform communities all over the world." 

Languages: Spanish, English


Screen Shot 2020 05 18 At 5.25.18 Pm

Yrismar Paraguan, Venezuela

Pioneering YWAM's campus ministry in Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela.

"I want to help students discover their purpose and impact society throughout their career. We are developing various projects to allow students to put their abilities into practice, such as community development projects, basic nursing, design, among others." 

Language: Spanish


Screen Shot 2020 05 18 At 4.49.32 Pm

Juan Carlos Gama, Colombia

YWAM Student & Professional Ministries in Bogata, Colombia

"I want to see God's kingdom fulfill in every sphere of society through interdisciplinary teams of university students and professionals bringing transformations to this world with the love and vision of God. To see this, though discipleship, mobilization and investment of young people that have the same heart to see transformation. Creating opportunities, projects, and serving in different nations through their skills, gifts and careers, partner together in organizations such as the Student Mobilization Centre (YWAM), and other organizations, to be a part of the vision of God for this world." 

Languages: English, Spanish


Screen Shot 2020 05 18 At 5.27.11 Pm

Oscar David Carvajal, Ecuador

Student Mobilization in Guyaquil, Ecuador.

"I want to empower people to find their purpose in God and to pioneer with and disciple leaders."

Language : Spanish


Screen Shot 2020 05 18 At 5.28.15 Pm

Nayareth Parra, Chile

Executive Director of Fundación Manos Piadosas, Santiago, Chile. 

"I want to mobilize university students and professionals to use their studies, skills and talents in the service of God, wherever he calls them." 

Language: Spanish


Screen Shot 2020 05 30 At 9.54.23 Am

Maria Isabel Reynoso Guillen, Ecuador

Director of YWAM Guayaquil, Ecuador - Missionary Advisor and Micro-entrepreneur

"I want to see young disciples, find their place in God, and their purpose of life, to heal the broken heart in the nations." 

Language : Spanish


Screen Shot 2020 05 18 At 5.30.48 Pm

Lina Ramos Burgos,  Colombia

Esunic Jucum/YWAM Campus Ministry, Cartagena, Colombia 

"I want to show God's love to university students so they can respond to His call to disciple the nations."

  Language: Spanish


Screen Shot 2020 05 19 At 9.06.49 Am

Coral Bello, Venezuela

YWAM Campus Ministry Raíces Staff in Venezuela and the Student Mobilization Center of the University of the Nations.

"I want to help students fulfill the dreams God places in them, especially for those in the fields of Health, Community Development, and Education. I studied Technical Nursing. I understand the challenges of students and organizational leaders in trying to make a lasting impact." 

Language : Spanish


Screen Shot 2020 05 19 At 9.10.59 Am

Davi de Souza Silva, Brazil   

Director of YWAM 360 and staff of the Student Mobilization Centre of University of the Nations in Brasilia, Brazil.

"I want to help students to go to communities in Brazil and around the world to help people and spreed the gospel with their lives and skills. For christians and not christians to use their professional skills to change realities around globe. All good and perfect gifts are from God and when anyone uses those gifts, they honor the Creator and help people like Luke 10:27 says. To reach non christian university students and to help another christians university students movements to reach the unreached." 

Languages : Portuguese, English, Spanish


Screen Shot 2020 06 23 At 9.33.37 Am

Aldo Mauricio Chaparro Sanchez, Colombia

Director Esunic Jucum/Student Mobilization Centre, Cartagena, Colombia

"We are Mao, Diana and Celeste. We are a missionary family that lives in Cartagene involved in reaching the university students to mobilize them to love God, hear God's voice to obey and serve him with their own careers and callings to the Nations. We are strategic resource developers to multiply the impact of ministries to university students."

Languages : Spanish, English


Screen Shot 2020 05 30 At 9.48.16 Am

Andrew Jernigan, Brazil

Entrepreneur and Social Impact Business Leader from Birmingham, AL, USA & Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil

"I am coaching and hosting interns (virtual/remote and on-site) through our company, Insured Nomads. My goal and joy is to invest in the growth of others as they work on personal development." 

Languages: English, Portuguese


Screen Shot 2020 05 26 At 3.10.18 Pm

Andres Vega & Cherish Nikita, Colombia

Founders and Directors of Fundarais, Cartagena, Colombia & Coordinators for BWOT Ministry

"We want to awaken in young people a passion for missions and to reach children and adolescents impacting in the educational area with the principles for the intervention of students and professionals of various careers that can put their knowledge and skills to use. Our organization has served 3 years in a community called San Basilio de Palenque, a community on the outskirts of the city, characterized by its history of freedom from slavery. San Basilio de Palenque is the first free black community, which maintains its language and culture to today. We offer programs in and out of school, including workshops, classes, camps, family days, involving teachers and parents." 

Languages: English, Spanish


Screen Shot 2020 05 26 At 3.08.55 Pm

Carolina Salazar, Peru

YWAM University Ministries/University of the Nations in Colombia, Ecuador, and currently in Peru.

"I want to disciple children, adolescents, and youth, with opportunities to make strategic alliances for the extension of the kingdom of God." 

Language: Spanish


Screen Shot 2020 10 26 At 12.31.18 Pm

Alvaro Quiceno

Founder of university ministry in the city of Medellín called GCUN (Generación Cristiana Universitaria a las Naciones)

"Trabajamos en el área de entrenamiento y discipulado, haciendo parte del círculos de ancianos de juventud Con Una Misión Medellin no sólo entrenando las nuevas generaciones sino también comisionandoles a servir a Dios en diferentes lugares y diferentes esferas de la sociedad."

Language: Spanish


. Maria

Maria Alejandra Fajardo

Serving as translator with YWAM Converge and focused on eradication of Modern Slavery (aka Human Trafficking).

"I want to glorify the Father as a kingdom ambassador in any culture, strategically communicating the loving truth of Jesus that brings the enslaved, and unreached, into freedom. To see the body of Christ rise in effectiveness by coordinating internships that connect its members to their God-given mission."

Languages: Spanish, English

Internship Coordinator Certification

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