Terms and Conditions

When you, the YWAM Event Participant, Team Leader, Course Leader, or Host, complete the online application, you also agree to the Terms & Conditions, including the following Memorandum of Understanding.

Memorandum of Understanding

This Memorandum of Understanding represents an agreement between YWAM Student Centre, the Host, and the Participant.  When you apply as a Host, Team Leader, Course Leader or a Participant, you are affirming your agreement with the following:

The Host, Team, or Course Leader agrees to:

  1. Create & Administer your Event: 

    1. Create your internship, course, or outreach accurately representing your Organization and the Event for the Participants, including their responsibilities, the context, accommodations, safety and other details on the YWAM Events App.

    2. Pay the Event Listing Fee based on our international fee scale to get your internship, course, or outreach published and make use of YWAM Events App tools. See https://www.stucentre.com/pricing/

    3. Regularly review Event Dashboard and respond to Participant’s applications within 5 business days and communicate expectations before Participant’s arrive.

  2. Be a Good Host: 

    1. Provide or coordinate transportation to and from the port of entry at the beginning and end of the internship/outreach/course.

    2. Facilitate the Participant’s orientation and organizational expectations, responsibilities, and schedule, including introducing the Intern to his or her direct supervisor.

    3. Provide safe and clean accommodation, food, and instructions for local  transportation during the Participant’s outreach or stay with the Host Partner’s organization. Food and accommodation may be with a homestay, with a dorm and cafeteria, or with colleagues in a shared apartment, as indicated.

  3. Provide Oversight:

    1. Commit to a weekly one-on-one meeting with Participants to provide ongoing meaningful feedback, including both affirmation and constructive criticism. (For Converge Interns, review, discuss, and approve the Intern’s Final Project proposal.)

    2. Provide a debriefing interview with evaluation of the Participant and the Program you are leading.

    3. Advise Participants regarding emergency procedures and hold a copy of the Participant’s Travel Protection policy. Seek immediate medical care for the Participant in the event of the accident or illness. This may include transporting the Participant to and advocating for the Participant at a local or regional medical facility, and/or contacting an emergency medical evacuation company.  IMPORTANT: The YWAM Student Centre Office should be contacted in any case requiring hospitalization or evacuation once medical help has been sought for the Participant.


The Participant agrees to:


  1. Register and Apply:

    1. Even before you apply, you can create a personal profile page with details that will make application quick and easy.

    2. Search internships, courses, and outreaches, or request one that fits your specific needs. 

    3. Apply and pay application fee

  2. Prepare to Go:

    1. Review all post-application requirements and deadlines. 

    2. If your Event includes a course, be sure to pay the course fee, if applicable. Complete any pre-departure orientation requirements of your Event, typically through an online course, prior to departure.

    3. Converge Internships and some other YWAM Events require you to have a personal Mentor. (Note: Converge Interns are required to choose a Mentor from their community, and meet with the Mentor a few times during the pre-departure orientation and remotely during the program.)

    4. Raise funds and/or make all payments on time and maintain responsibility for personal expenses.  Fees include transportation between the port of entry and the Host Partner location, accommodation, food, local transportation, and administration.  Fees do not include transportation between the Participant’s home and the outreach or Host Partner location, visas, personal travel, travel and health insurance, entertainment, personal hygiene items, laundry, wifi (unless otherwise indicated), etc.

  3. Travel Safe:

    1. Purchase travel insurance that includes emergency medical evacuation.  The Participant may be included in a group plan pre-purchased by the Host, or  choose to purchase and be auto-approved for Faith Ventures Travel Protection plan. If another comparable policy is purchased, proof of that policy must be uploaded to the Participant’s profile before departure to the outreach or Host Partner location.

    2. Give consent for treatment in the event of an emergency and release Youth With A Mission from any liability arising out of any injury, damage, or loss.

  4. Be a Good Guest:

    1. Participate in all required community meetings, including online meetings prior to departure, and all required gatherings at the Host Partner location.

    2. Maintain a positive attitude and respect confidentiality.

    3. Abide by the community guidelines set by the Host or Team Leader, including dress code, safety requirements, and responsibilities.

    4. Listen, observe, volunteer, and make the best of constructive criticism.

  5. Complete Your Mission:

    1. Complete all program Field Assignments on time.

    2. Take initiative to set up meetings with the Host or Team Leader for weekly one-on-one check-ins.

    3. Set up meeting time, conduct personal interview debriefing, and complete an evaluation of the YWAM Event, on one of the final days.

    4. Affirm that the YWAM Event is not a part-time job, and no monetary compensation is to be provided and/or no employment offer after the internship term is expected.


YWAM Student Centre, which supports the YWAM Events App and Converge Program, agrees to:


  1. For Hosts, Team Leaders, and Course Leaders

    1. Onboard Host Partner Organizations with a good YWAM reference.

    2. Provide instruction, support, and evaluation for the host and any Field Project.

    3. Do Initial setup of Event (internships, courses, outreaches) for Approved Hosts and Invite Hosts, Team Leaders, or Course Leaders, to Finish Project Details.  

    4. Post and share approved internship/outreach/course opportunities through social media, and other communications.

    5. Mediate between the Host, Team Leader or Course Leader and Participant if an issue arises related to the safety of the Participant(s), and the willingness or ability of the Participant(s) to fulfill these agreed upon responsibilities.

    6. Serve as point of contact for the Participant’s family in the case of medical emergency or evacuation. All YWAM Events App programs require participants to purchase a Travel Protection plan or another comparable policy. We recommend Faith Ventures, which is available through the YWAM Events App. As the Leader, you may purchase insurance for all Participants or allow Participants to purchase their own insurance.


  2. For Participants

    1. Provide a Participant dashboard which includes a social share mechanism for fundraising.

    2. Provide online pre-departure orientation and training for Participants, as indicated by the specific event.  Converge Interns are all required to enroll in and complete the Converge Course.

    3. Mediate between the Host and Participant if an issue arises related to the safety of the Participant(s), and the willingness or ability of the Participant(s) to fulfill these agreed upon responsibilities.

    4. Participants are required to purchase a Travel Protection plan or another comparable policy. We recommend Faith Ventures, which is available through the YWAM Events App.

Intern Consent for Treatment

In the event of injury or illness of the Participant while in association with YOUTH WITH A MISSION, I hereby agree to the performance of such treatment, anaesthetics, and operations as, in the opinion of the attending physician, as deemed necessary.

Liability Release

I hereby release YOUTH WITH A MISSION/CONVERGE PROGRAM (Registered as UOFN STUDENT MOBILIZATION CENTRE OF YOUTH WITH A MISSION, INC. FID: 54-1882074), its agents, employees, and volunteer assistants from any liability whatsoever arising out of any injury, damage, or loss which may be sustained during the course of my involvement with UOFN STUDENT MOBILIZATION CENTRE OF YOUTH WITH A MISSION, INC.

Signing this Memorandum of Understanding

In lieu of a signature, the submission of your application is your acknowledgement that you have read and you agree to the responsibilities listed on this Memorandum of Understanding and these Terms and Conditions. 


By submitting your application, you are also giving Youth With A Mission permission to publish the information you have entered to be presented on your public page, including description and photos you provide. We will not publish your personal contact information. 



Registration is free. Participants, when they apply for a particular Event, are required to pay a non-refundable Application Fee, by check, credit card, or wire transfer, due at time of application. 

The Participant agrees to pay the applicable Event Fees determined by the Host, Team Leader, or Course Leader. A Personal Profile Page is provided for all accepted Participants, which includes a designated DONATE button where donors may make contributions to scholarship fees for your participation. 

The total Fees payment, and all interim payments, are due as indicated on the Event Listing. Reminder emails will be automatically sent to Participants before deadlines. Any donations received will automatically be deducted from the balance due. If more than the total amount due has been received by donations for an individual Participant, the remainder may be designated for the scholarship of another participant. 

If the Fees are not paid in full within the deadline, and the Participant has not been granted an extension by Converge in writing, the Participant’s acceptance will be canceled and the cancellation and Refund Policy will apply for any funds paid. Monies paid by a Participant who has been canceled may be held for up to one year and credited to a later Event, or transferred from the Participant’s reserve account to another at the discretion of YWAM Student Centre.

Travel & Personal Expenses

The Participant is responsible for his/her own travel arrangements and personal expenses during the Event. The Participant agrees to take personal responsibility for his/her own effects and YWAM Student Centre will not be held responsible for any loss or damage of personal effects. YWAM Student Centre cannot be held responsible for a country’s decision to refuse entry, exit, or the right of passage. The Cancellation and Refund Policy will take effect for Participants denied entry to a country where there is a Host Location, or who cannot travel on the program for any reason, except for those noted in the Terms & Conditions. (NOTE: All Participants must have travel insurance equal to or better than our recommended Travel Protection plan.)

Medical Conditions

The Participant is responsible for informing YWAM Student Centre of any physical or medical condition, including mental health conditions, prior to arrival at the Host Location. YWAM Student Centre reserves the right to require documentation from a medical practitioner verifying that the Participant is fit and able to complete the physical requirements of a particular Event, and YWAM Student Centre reserves the right to cancel a Participant on the grounds of the medical practitioner’s comments.

Discount Policy

Applicable discounts, as described on the YWAM Student Centre website, or on the individual Event listing, are applied by invitation only. 

Alumni Discount

The Alumni Discount will be applied to any participant who has previously completed a YWAM Student Centre program.

The Alumni Discount will be applied to any Participant who was previously enrolled in the YWAM Event  or other YWAM Student Centre programs and is contingent upon successful completion of the first program. The Alumni Discount will not apply to the first YWAM Student Centre program. 

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellation Date

Portion of Fees

More than 40 days before YWAM Event start date

Participation Fee, not including the Application Fee

Between 11 and 40 days prior to the YWAM Event start date

50% of the full Participation Fee, not including Application Fee

Between 1 and 10 days prior to the YWAM Event start date

No refund will be provided

Refund Policy: Eligibility and Calculation

Contributions made by anyone other than the Intern themselves will not be refunded. Any contributions made, including and especially those that receive tax-deductible receipts in the USA, are not refundable under any circumstance. Those contributions will be held as scholarship funding for a later YWAM Event for the originally designated Participant or for future Participants at the discretion of YWAM Student Centre.

Refund Amount = [Amount Intern Directly Paid In Addition To The Deposit] – [[(Total Participation Fee) – (Deposit Paid)] * (Percent of Remaining Fee Eligible for Refund)]

If a Participant must cancel and is not eligible for a refund, those funds may be placed on file for use by the originally designated Participant for up to one year from the original YWAM Event start date.

Should the amount calculated exceed the amount that the Participant paid directly, separate from the Application Fee, the refund will be adjusted to be only the amount that the Participant paid directly. The Application Fee is not considered for those funds paid directly by the Participant.

If funds are received on or after the start date, from either the Participant or from a donor, those scholarship funds will remain on file to be applied toward scholarships for another YWAM Event by the same Participant for one year after the original start date. These funds are not eligible for a refund.

Cancellation Policy

YWAM Student Centre reserves the right to refuse to offer a YWAM Event opportunity to anyone for any reason, to cancel a Participant accepted in a YWAM Event, or to cancel the start date or YWAM Event in which the Participant is scheduled. If the Participant is canceled from a YWAM Event, space may not be available on the selected start date should the Participant try to re-enroll.

In the event that your YWAM Event is canceled by YWAM Student Centre or the Host, Team Leader, or Course Leader for non-payment of full Participation Fees by the due date, or for non-submission of paperwork by the required due date, the Refund Policy will take effect as of the effective date of the cancellation, which may be after the due date. Please note that this includes not submitting the Health & Emergency Information with the correct health details required, or corresponding paperwork required as a result of any medical conditions disclosed.

When a Participant is enrolled for more than one YWAM Event, each Event will be treated individually in the case of a cancellation, as long as separate Fees were paid for each YWAM Event.

Other than such refunds as stated above, YWAM Student Centre will not be responsible to the Participant for any other refund, costs, interest, liability, or damages of any kind. The Participant is solely responsible for any airfare or other travel fees, charges, expenses, or penalties that may result from any cancellation or change in the Participant’s program, whether the Participant cancels the program or it is canceled or altered by YWAM Student Centre.

It is very important that the Intern understands the cancellation policy. If it is not clear, the Participant should ask for clarification. YWAM Student Centre  cannot make exceptions to this cancellation policy for any reason, including medical emergencies. YWAM Student Centre  requires all Participants to obtain travel insurance, including trip cancellation insurance. (NOTE: All Participants must have travel insurance equal to or better than our recommended Travel Protection plan. Use the following link to purchase and be auto-approved and automatically associated with the Volunteer Card Travel Protection plan.)

No refunds will be given for unused portions of the YWAM Event due to cancellations or terminations that become effective on or after the start date, whether initiated by YWAM Student Centre, the Host, Team Leader, Course Leader,  or the Participant, or because of the Participant’s failure or inability to complete the YWAM Event program requirements.

Reimbursement for Travel Expenses

In addition to accepting payments and donations toward Fees, YWAM Student Centre  accepts donations that may be directed toward a Participant’s Travel Expenses (including Visa fees, travel related vaccinations, and air or ground travel expenses).  Payments and Donations will be credited first to all Fees, then funds may be disbursed as reimbursements for directly related Travel Expenses. Participants may request reimbursement for directly related Travel Expenses if and when the following conditions are met: 1) After all Fees are paid in full, 2) Designated donations to a Participant’s Fees have been received in full in the YWAM Student Centre offices, 3) Proper receipts are submitted to the YWAM Student Centre  offices within 60 days of the date on the receipt or up until 7 days after the final day of the Event, whichever is first. 

Changes to YWAM Event Start Date or Location

YWAM Student Centre allows Participants to change their Event Start Date, YWAM Event Location, or length of stay, depending on program availability. In addition, participants can use their designated scholarship funds on file, as per the Cancellation & Refund Policy, to enroll in a future YWAM Student Centre  program, should these funds be available to the Participant.

The Registration Fee of $25 USD can be waived if a Participant re-registers after cancellation, due to any changes to the YWAM Event Location and Event Start Date. The Registration Fee must be used within one year of the original Event Start Date. After that time, or after the second use of the Registration Fee, that Registration Fee amount is forfeited, and the Participant must place a new Registration Fee to enroll in a future YWAM Event.

All requests for changes to a Participant’s Event Start Date must be received in writing by the YWAM Student Centre  office. Changes to the Event Start Date within the YWAM Event Location and for the same length of stay can be made without penalty if made more than 70 days in advance of the original Event Start Date.

If the Participantchanges their YWAM Event Location or length of stay in the program, the Participantwill be responsible for the difference in the Fees between the original program selected and the program fee for the newly-selected program, using the rates published on the website as of the date the switch became effective. Any additional funds owed to YWAM Student Centre must be received as per the YWAM Events Fee deadlines as of the date of the switch.

Should the change to the YWAM Event Location or duration of stay result in a reduced Fee for the Participant, the YWAM Student Centre Cancellation and Refund Policy will apply for the difference between the original and new Fee.


The Participant is responsible for notifying YWAM Student Centre, in writing, if a sponsor donation has been made and the due date for the Participation Fee has not been changed. Otherwise, the Participant may be subject to cancellation for non-payment of the participation Fees should the full payment not be received at least in advance of the Start Date of the Event.

Participants are responsible for accurately representing the YWAM Student Centre program on any external fundraising sites or on any fundraising communications. YWAM Student Centre is not responsible for misrepresentations made by Participants to sponsors regarding the YWAM Event. YWAM Student Centre has the right to reject donations made to a Participant’s scholarship fund if the Participant claims that the contributions will be used for any other purpose than fundraising for the required Fees, the Participant’s Travel Expenses, or donating to the YWAM Student Centre fund. The Participant is responsible for ensuring that their name is provided to YWAM Student Centre in conjunction with any third-party fundraising site.

If a Participant is using a third-party fundraising site (e.g. GoFundMe), it is the Participant’s responsibility to review the Terms & Conditions of that site, including any processing fees and timelines for payment of fees to YWAM Student Centre, to ensure the Participation Fee is paid by the due date. 

Terms and Conditions Agreement

These Terms & Conditions are agreed to between YWAM Student Centre (aka UofN Student Mobilization Centre of Youth With A Mission, Inc.), the Participant whose name is reflected on the Participant enrollment form, and the cardholder whose name is reflected in the payment details. This agreement is made on the day of the enrollment and becomes legally binding upon submission of the enrollment form.

Very Important:

1. YWAM Student Centre cannot issue tax receipts to sponsors who make contributions through third-party fundraising sites.

2. No contributions made by anyone other than the Participant themselves, which includes sponsors, are refundable under any circumstance.

If a Participant receives a matching gift, neither the original payment nor the amount matched is refundable to the participant or the company who provided the matching gift. The Participant is responsible for applying for matching gifts with enough time for the funds to be received by YWAM Student Centre by the Fee due date.

Application Consent

We need your consent to process your application information and to contact you during the application process. By submitting your application, you are providing that explicit consent. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. To withdraw your consent, please email us.


The staff and administration at YWAM Student Centre and the YWAM Events App accountancy cloud repository to facilitate the storage of your academic activity including educational content taken, learning scores received, programs of enrollment, transcripts and other related processing associated with learning programs. For more information about what YWAM Student Centre does with your personal data and how we protect it, view the privacy notice.

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