The purpose of the CONVERGE UNIVERSITY DISCIPLESHIP COURSE (UDC) is for every student to know God and make Him known on campus and in every public sphere. This discipleship is not for private faith alone; it’s incomplete without the outreach component. The UDC is not only about saving souls; it’s about saving the university and preparing you to be a witness in the public sphere. The UDC is an intensive equipping for your life-work as a witness of Christ’s Church and Mission. 

What To Expect

The UNIVERSITY DISCIPLESHIP COURSE (UDC) is a life-changing program which brings YWAM teaching and global vision to your student-led fellowship at your university. The UDC course emphasizes a love for God’s Word, revelation of God’s calling and purpose, reflection on a biblical worldview and the character of God, intercession for the nations, hearing God’s voice, spiritual warfare, the justice of God, and our role in Christ’s Church and Mission. 


STEP ONE: Pray with two or more.

Ask God what breaks His heart on your campus. Meet with two or more to share your vision for the CONVERGE UNIVERSITY DISCIPLESHIP (UDC) COURSE. If two or more agree in prayer, then you can take the next step together in faith.

STEP TWO: Resources and team.

Our online UDC course includes leadership tips to help you get started. It includes a flexible curriculum, resources, and job descriptions. Call a meeting and assign responsibilities for jobs, such as Emcee, Prayer, Hospitality, Social Media, Photography, Tech, Bookkeeping, Local and International Outreach.

STEP THREE: Set schedule and Meeting Place.

The curriculum is flexible, so you may plan on a minimum of 7, or up to 12 weekly meetings. Meeting times may be from 6:30 to 9:30 PM for shorter courses, or 7 to 9 PM for longer courses.

We think it’s best if you are part of a Student Organization, so you can reserve meeting space on campus. Plan ahead. If you’re not with a Student Org, get a few students together, seek out a Christian faculty advisor, and form a student org on campus. It’s easy. And with it, you have the privilege of reserving a room for the UDC on campus.


Speakers in the UDC will bring core training instruction from YWAM’s original Discipleship Training School. The UDC includes a minimum of seven weekly 2.5-hour sessions.  


You will develop a deeper understanding of your identity in Christ and his purpose for your life, relationships, and career. You will gain an understanding of God’s nature and character from a Biblical worldview. And you will explore Christ’s Call to be his witnesses in every nation and through every vocation. 


God’s Calling & Biblical Worldview
The Word of God
Conditions for Hearing God’s Voice
Hurting Generation & Character of the Father
Spiritual Warfare & Hosting the Presence of God 
Justice, Identity, & the Kingdom of God
Church and Mission
Celebration meal, extended worship, reflection, prayer and outreach preparations


Our most recent UDC partnered with a global campaign to End Bible Poverty through Bible distribution.  


During the month of June 2022, we distributed Bibles to nearly every household in a town in South Jersey.  


Our international outreach joined a nation-wide Chile for Christ Bible distribution campaign in Santiago, Chile.


If you need help, reach out, we can also come meet your group, pray with you, and help you line up speakers and outreach plans. If you sign up with the YWAM Converge University Discipleship course, your team will get access to recommended YWAM teachers, outreach projects and resources, as well as the following online tools available through the YWAM Student Centre App:


Let's Get Started

Before you register below, let’s clarify roles. We invite you to start a CONVERGE UNIVERSITY DISCIPLESHIP COURSE (UDC) on your university campus with your student organization. However, you need a UDC Host Coordinator who will be the LEADER of the CONVERGE UNIVERSITY DISCIPLESHIP (UDC) course for your campus. Ideally, the UDC Host is a YWAMer, someone who has completed the DTS and is now enrolled in college. However, UDC Hosts may be a Friend of YWAM, a faculty or staff member of the student organization or local church. If you are not the UDC Host, you will need to add that person’s name and contact information when you register with us. The UDC Host is the primary leader who recruits and appoints students to lead the UDC, including administration on the YWAM Student Centre App.
NOTE: When filling out the registration, the UDC Host will need a YWAM staff person to serve as a personal reference. 
 One of the main benefits of using the YWAM Student Centre App is saving time. You will SAVE 80+ hours on administrative, fundraising, communications, and flight coordination for outreaches. With the YWAM Student Centre App, you can focus more on JESUS and making disciples who become His witnesses in the public sphere. 

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