Who is it for?

Converge is for YWAM and Friends of YWAM who need interns or need an internship.

Hosts Create and Coordinate Internships for their Organization

You can use the App to create an Outreach, Course, or Converge Internship.  

And there is a special role for YWAMers, the UofN Internship Coordinator, for those who are dedicated to helping students with internships. 

Students can Select an Internship or Request one

Student Participants are accepted on the following basis: 

– Applicant must be 18 years of age by the start date of the Session;

– Most applicants should be prepared to follow Christian guidelines of behavior.

– And applicants should have two personal references.

Applicants typically declare a major field of study: 

A declared major that relates to the desired internship is most often required. 

Note: Not all applicants are required to be enrolled in  college.

Application Process

Register for Free

It is free to register and create a profile. When you do, you can enter your testimony, your contact details, and your Emergency Contact, all of which will make your application much quicker. 


After registering, then apply for an outreach, course, or internship. There is typically a non-refundable application fee, which is determined based on the program and fees vary based on your home country. 


Depending on the program, you may need to enter the name of a Mentor (someone you choose from your own community, your church, your campus, or your place of work). Interns are typically required to have a personal Mentor, which may be your Faculty Advisor.

Approval Process

After you apply, your Team Leader or Host reviews your references and application. An interview may be necessary before final approval. 

After You're Accepted

1. Create a Landing Page

After you hear from your Host or Team Leader about acceptance, you may log into your personal dashboard and create your Personal Landing Page, which you may use for fundraising. Be sure to share the link on your Social Media channels and emails. 

2. Participants start the online pre-departure course. 

 After you pay your application fee, you will be provided a coupon link to the Converge Course where you may begin preparations, including meetings with your Mentor. 

We strongly advise you to begin the Converge Course immediately after acceptance. You will need to complete the pre-departure lessons, which will help you plan fundraising and travel preparations.


One Spiritual And One Professional​

Spiritual Reference

Most applicants must provide at least one Spiritual and one Other Reference. The Spiritual Reference may be a pastor, a Youth Minister, a Campus Fellowship leader, or any person that will provide information about your current relationship with Jesus Christ.

Other References

The Other Reference may be an Employer, a Faculty member, a Student Advisor, depending on the program requirements.  

Team Leaders or Host Partners will reach out to references during the approval process.

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