Who We Serve

We built the YWAM Events App as a tool to make it easier for anyone leading or participating on an outreach, a missions training course, or a YWAM sponsored internship.

Converge Internships is our specialty program, because we believe a new generation of missionaries must be prepared to be life-long witnesses in every arena of society, every sphere of influence. Short and long-term missionaries are multiplying across the world, but kingdom workers who know how to follow God’s calling throughout their careers are urgently needed if we are to complete the task of making disciples of every nation. That is why we developed the Converge Internships program.

Here are a few of the people Converge Internships serve:

1. Students and any Young Adult: Converge equips emerging leaders to make a difference, increasing their potential as a lifelong witness. (2 Tim 3:14) Converge’s hybrid (online/mentorship/practical) training prepares students and young adults to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God. (Micah 6:8)

2. Missional Leaders: Converge is building an international community of Christ followers who support each others callings to spheres of influence (business, education, engineering, media, medicine, law, etc.) (2 Pe. 1:3-10)

3. Ordinary Christians: Converge provides avenues for ordinary Christ followers to participate in Christ’s mission according to their gifts, abilities, experience, and passions. (Matt 28:19-20 & Rom. 12:4-8) 

4. Your Fellowship: Converge helps local church communities foster a missional culture. By choosing a Mentor, every Converge participant stays engaged and help activate pastoral gifts from within their community. (Eph. 4:11-16)

5. YWAM Missionaries: Converge promotes relationships with missionary staff and volunteers working in university communities around the world: A primary reason people get involved is because of personal relationships, especially with our YWAM Student Centre Staff team. Our staff team depends on individual donors and ministry partners to cover everything from ministry travel expenses to personal needs, such as housing, food, transportation, insurance and health care. Your faithful support helps them make a difference.

6. The Poor: Converge helps reduce human suffering (i.e. human trafficking, poverty, children at risk) through personalized mission projects in impoverished communities. (Matt 25:45) In those impoverished communities, our interns have helped start businesses and plant churches. They have established HIV/AIDS counseling clinics and health awareness campaigns. They have installed water pumps and storage facilities. They have established therapy routines for disabled children in orphanages. They have performed research on patient records in medical clinics and created working pharmacies with donated pharmaceuticals. They have developed healthy nutritional plans for hospices. And Converge participants have created curricula for schools. 

Do you see how Converge and YWAM’s Student Centre is an important part of Christ’s Mission?

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