why host

Converge connects world changers

With Converge, Hosts get help for an organization in their community, Interns get experience toward their calling, Mentors advocate for emerging leaders, and Donors direct resources toward causes in communities they care about. 

Hosts are welcome to fill out the Create an Internship form for free. There is no obligation to pay the student for their internship. All that is required is hospitality. Hospitality is a biblical practice. When you simply show friendship to strangers, and care for fellow laborers in the gospel, you are doing the most strategic activity required to change the world. Hospitality fosters international peace, and helps extend the good news of Jesus Christ across cultures.

Would-be world changers need an opportunity

On July 7, 2014, the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called for “a bolder and more focused intervention” in order to fulfill the UN Millennium Development Goals. We believe that “bolder and more focused intervention” is the mobilization of would-be world changers. Converge leverages technology for connecting and equipping pre-qualified interns for an organization in your community. 

Create an internship to host pre-qualified and prepared interns

Converge is a discipleship training and internship placement platform. 

Does your organization need help...

  • starting a business?
  • planting a church?
  • establishing an HIV/AIDS counseling clinic?
  • starting a health awareness campaign?
  • installing water pumps or storage facilities?
  • establishing therapy routines for disabled children?
  • performing research on patient records in medical clinics?
  • establishing a working pharmacy with donated pharmaceuticals?
  • developing a healthy nutritional plan for a hospice?
  • creating a curriculum for a school?
  • developing a web site?
  • producing a video?
  • writing a grant proposal?

Then go to the How to Host page and find out how easy it is to start hosting interns for your organization.