Internships that make a world of difference

At Converge we believe everyone has a calling, following the crowd will not bring transformation, and a personalized missional internship is the best way to discover your purpose.

For you, an internship may be better than just another missions trip.

My Spark Morgan Sessions

You hunger for meaning because you were designed for relationship with God. 

That’s why you have a passion for justice. And that’s why you want to make a difference.

Don't just do another short-term missions trip. 

If you want to make a difference, why would you graduate from college without learning how?

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Introducing Converge 

Converge is not like any other short-term mission trip. And it's not like a typical internship. Converge is a missional internship. 

With Converge, you build real relationships doing a personalized missions project that relates to your studies and your passion. 

Use the Converge experience to make a difference.

Discover where your spiritual journey, personal interests, and professional skills all converge.

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More than a Bible Study, Converge helps you make a difference.

Your Converge Journey

With over 25 years experience directing global internships, we have developed this single platform with a searchable registry of missional internship opportunities, an online learning course, and a social fundraising platform to help you make a difference.


What Glenis learned with Converge

Glenis went to Albania and did an education project. Here's why she thinks everyone should do a Converge internship. 

Don't see the opportunity that fits your needs? REACH OUT, we can help find the right opportunity for you.

Follow your calling to make a difference

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Not a student? Your role is important to help students make a difference. 

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