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When you become one of our donors, you fuel this ministry's long-term mission. Your investment helps us to scale as an organization to connect more students to organizations aligned with Christ's mission. Choose one or more of the YWAM Staff or Projects below to make your secure online donation. 

YWAM Converge story & goals from YWAM Converge - Ocean City, NJ

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A primary reason people give is because of personal relationships, especially with our YWAM Staff team. Our staff team depends on individual donors and ministry partners to cover everything from ministry travel expenses to personal needs, such as housing, food, transportation, insurance and health care. Your faithful support helps them make a difference.

YWAM Converge Missionaries
Glenis Acosta

Support Glenis' Ministry

Besides all the translation work Glenis has done for Converge, including completion of the translation of the entire program to Spanish, Glenis is aYWAM missionary at the University of the Nations campus in Jeju Island, South Korea. She is helping to internationalize the campus there, while representing Converge.

Amy Bischof

Amy B
Support Amy's Ministry

My passion is to reach people, young and old, through performing arts and specifically through dance. I love to see how people worship God through the arts. Dancing is for me a way to connect with people to bring JOY and Light where there is no light or JOY. I am serving with YWAM Converge at the Dynamic Center of Fine Arts (DCFA) in Seaville, NJ. My goal is to develop internships for the arts and oversee YWAM Converge interns at DCFA.

Mauricio y Diana Chaparro

Support Mauricio & Diana's Ministry

Mauricio and Diana are serving in university ministries in Cartagena, COLOMBIA. Mauricio has been trained as a Converge Internship Coordinator. Their vision is to mobilize students and professionals to be witnesses for Christ in every sphere of influence.
Brynn Freitag

Brynn F
Support Brynn's Ministry

My vision and passion is to help others unlock the desire to know God while using the arts. Despite the nation, language, or culture, art is universal and it touches people’s hearts in a way where they want to know Jesus.
Juan y Gina Gama

Support Juan & Gina's Ministry

Juan and Gina are serving in university ministries in Bogata, COLOMBIA. Juan has been trained as a Converge Internship Coordinator. Their vision is to mobilize students and professionals to be witnesses for Christ in every sphere of influence and to continue to reach out to the nation of Sweden.
John & Mary Henry

John and Mary
Support John & Mary's Ministry

John and Mary have raised their three children and traveled and ministered in over 40 countries. They have coordinated nearly 100 missions teams to serve projects making a real-world difference in nearly 50 countries. They are training and onboarding an international team of internship coordinators to build an international community of Christ followers who support each others callings to every sphere of influence, every nation and every vocation.
John & Monica Hwang

John&Monica Hwang
Support John & Monica's Ministry

John and Monica have developed an international YWAM Student Mobilization Centre team all over Latin America. John is the international director of the Centre.
Sungwon Kim

Kim Sungwon
Support Kim's Ministry

Kim is serving as a Biblical Worldview teacher in UKRAINE. He has a vision to mobilize students and professionals to be witnesses for Christ in every area of influence.
Choongshik Lee 

Support Shik's Ministry

Choongshik is serving in university ministries in SOUTH ASIA. Shik has a vision to mobilize students and professionals to be witnesses for Christ in every area of influence.
SeukMoon Lee
Seukmoon Lee
Support SeukMoon Lee's Ministry

SeukMoon Lee is serving in discipleship and hospitality ministries in SOUTH ASIA. He and his wife share a vision to host missionaries and professionals who are witnesses for Christ in every area of influence.
Greg & Jewel Ruhland

Support Greg & Jewel's Ministry

Greg & Jewel have been missionaries with Youth With A Mission for the past 20 years.They currently are associated with YWAM Converge & YWAM Baltimore. Their passion is to gather and equip people to bring “Jesus-style” transformation and mercy to the world’s neediest places. As missionaries with YWAM Baltimore, we take our passion and step into the crisis.


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